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The chat began at 4:45 pm CT and lasted for approximately 30 minutes. Kate Mulgrew was visiting to film an appearance in a retrospective historical documentary about The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum.

Cruz asks: Are you scared of being typecast now that you have joined the Star Trek legend?

Kate Mulgrew: No, because I'm too old and I've had too diverse and marvelous a career to feel stigmatized by anything let alone the role of my dream, Kathryn Janeway.

Rae asks: Is it true that Janeway will never get together with Chakotay?

Kate Mulgrew: Dicey question, - deserves dicey answer. It doesn't look good for two reasons. It jeopardizes my position of command and by extension, the emotional climate of the whole ship. But he is divine.

Tammy asks: What has been the most challenging part of being the first female Captain?

Kate Mulgrew: Not allowing my gender to in any way enhance or detract from my authority or my humanity.

Patricia asks: Have you become more optimistic about the future since working with Star Trek?

Kate Mulgrew: Certainly more inquisitive and excited about the future and its endless possibilities.

Rae asks: Are there going to be any Voyager movies?

Kate Mulgrew: I really haven't a clue, but my guess would be that at some juncture there would be a cinematic meeting of Picard and Janeway.

Carrey asks: What do you think are the most significant changes your character has  undergone since the 1st season of Voyager?

Kate Mulgrew: The greatest change has been in the marriage of the actress to the character. At this stage, I feel a relaxation, a confidence and such a deep knowledge of who Janeway is, that I am no longer concerned about anything but simply playing her beautifully.

Dressway asks: How about a family update? How are your kids?

Kate Mulgrew: My kids are great! But they are pubescent males. This means that I am in a constant state of anxiety, bliss and despair.

Ann asks: Is this your first online chat? What do you think?

Kate Mulgrew: This is my first online chat. I thinks it's fascinating but requires great patience, which I'm rather famous for lacking.

Moderator: How will upcoming season of Voyager plots compare to last season? Will the plots be more character driven by voyager members or more by the life forms they meet?

Kate Mulgrew: The plots will be more character driven, by the senior staff. Also, a much needed balance has been restored. Last season, much emphasis was put on the arrival of 7 of 9. And some of the other characters suffered as a result. I'm delighted that Mr. Braga has the vision to understand that this is the story of an ensemble.

S. Davidson asks: What element, either in your life or education ( I guess you would call it), sparked your desire to push past all those odds to reach what you have today? I guess what I'm saying or asking is, what drove you?

Kate Mulgrew: A great passion to accomplish something with courage and integrity and originality. My heritage had much to do with this. My mother. But ultimately, what drove me was my need to create.

Rae asks: Is there any truth to the rumor that the show will continue after Voyager returns to the alpha quadrant?

Kate Mulgrew: Of course!  It will open up myriad opportunities for more and better stories.

Steve asks: Is Q coming back this season?

Kate Mulgrew: I would love my beloved Q to return this season as Mr. DeLancie is my best male friend. And I cannot survive an entire season without his madness.

Kim asks: How do you feel about the Prime Directive? Do you think the Voyager respects this in episodes such as the Caretaker?

Kate Mulgrew: Let's be frank about the Prime Directive. What applies in the Alpha Quadrant simply doesn't in the Delta Quadrant because of so many unknown factors. Generally speaking, I go by my gut and try to honor protocol under circumstances as best I can.

Big bad bubba asks: Do you have any input into the story lines?

Kate Mulgrew: Yes I do. The DaVinci holo program was my idea and I seem to always be on the phone when I see an improvement can be made in a character. But happily this season has been much more collaborative than seasons past. And this delights me.

Kate Mulgrew: This is Captain Janeway, good-bye.

Moderator: The chat was hosted by  The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum  on Saturday, October 3, 1998. The chat began at 4:45 pm CT and lasted for approximately 30 minutes. Kate Mulgrew was visiting to film part of a retrospective historical documentary about The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum.

Thank you to The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum for letting me post their chat transcript and photos