Afternoon TV 
March 1978
"Ryan's Hope" goes to Ireland!
Aboard Aer Lingus on their way to the Emerald Isle. 
The newlyweds arrive at Shannon airport. 
Atop Blarney Castle. Jack and Mary later made a stop at the famous Blarney Stone. 
Jack and Mary were fascinated by the Waterford crystal factory and stopped to watch the process. 
The romantic Irish countryside provided the prefect back-drop for Jack and Mary's honeymoon. 
Mary and Jack doing an Irish jig at a popular Irish pub.
Ryan’s Hope” made television history this fall when the show sent two of their cast members to Ireland to tape the show! Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli) and Kate Mulgrew (Mary Ryan Fenelli) flew to Ireland in mid-October along with creators/headwriters Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer, and director Lela Swift. They traveled throughout Ireland, filming scenes for the shows that aired in late November and early December.

It was a hectic and hardworking trip for both cast and crew, who worked from early morning to late in the evening, every day of their seven day visit. But despite the hard work, it was a marvelous adventure for everyone involved.

The show’s creators had always wanted to make a trip to Ireland and film members of the Ryan family in their ancestral homeland. Jack and Mary’s remarriage provided an extra special reason for the trip—the perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon.

Viewers watched as Jack and Mary toured the lovely Irish countryside, stopped at Blarney castle, pubs, and historic spots in Dublin and Limerick; wandered through castles and cairns; and visited relatives.

Congratulations to Ryan’s Hope” for a charming and very beautiful daytime television first.

Jack and Mary pose romantically amidst Waterford crystal. 
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