The Catholic Explorer
January 19, 2001
Washington (CNS) - The winter 2000-2001 issue of The American Feminist, published by Feminists for Life of America, honors 14 "remarkable pro-life women," including actresses Kate Mulgrew, Patricia Heaton, Margaret Colin and the late Loretta Young.

Mulgrew, best known for her role as Capt. Kathryn Janeway on the television series, "Star Trek: Voyager," describes herself in The American Feminist as a liberal Democrat who opposes both abortion and capital punishment.

"Abortion does not compute with my philosophy," said Mulgrew, who became pregnant at an early age and gave her baby girl up for adoption.  She was reunited with her daughter two years ago and now has two teen-age sons.

"I have to be frank about my experience," she said.  "I survived it.  Women often don't believe that they can survive nine months of pregnancy and place the child with an adoptive family."

Heaton, who won the Emmy as outstanding actress in a comedy series in 2000 for her role in "Everybody Loves Raymond," has four sons and serves as honorary chairman of Feminists for Life.

She told The American Feminist that she believes it is better to "make the system conform to what is best for you and your baby instead of making the baby go away to conform to what is best for the system."

Colin, who has appeared in movies, on television and on Broadway, currently has a recurring role in ABC's "Madigan Men."  The mother of two sons, she is a member of New Jersey Right to Life who says that abortion "hasn't fixed the litany of problems that women were promised would be resolved."

Calling on others to speak up for the unborn, she said, "You have to be brave - the one who speaks out for a baby so she or he can come into this life.  We can embrace change and find help.  The last thing we should do is mutilate our bodies because we are afraid of change."

The magazine also paid tribute to Young, who died in August 2000.  She reportedly said to those contemplating abortion: "Be careful, be very careful.  Abortion is wrong to start with, but in addition, you don't know who or what you are aborting ... a Joan of Arc, a Mother Teresa or even a pope."

The issue also pays tribute to former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, state legislators Patricia A. Lockwood of Michigan and Mary Ellen Otremba of Minnesota, columnists Michelle Malkin and Norah Vincent, Irish singer Dana, disabled rights activist Mary Jane Owen, theologian Sidney Callahan, family law attorney Rebecca Wasser Kiessling and activist Marion

The group was the second set of "remarkable pro-life women" chosen by Feminists for Life.  The earlier group included Irish President Mary McAleese, Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Lindy Boggs, Mother Teresa and Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

"Young women today have so many role models to look up to, women who celebrate our capacity to give life," said Serrin M. Foster, president of Feminists for Life.  "The good news is that they are everywhere."

The next issue of The American Feminist is to be dedicated to "remarkable pro-life men," including actor/producer Mel Gibson, the father of seven.