"As I get older, love is more important than anything," says Star Trek: Voyager's Mulgrew, 44.
July 5, 1999

Celebrity Weddings 
of the Year
Kate Mulgrew & Tim Hagan

In their words…..
April 19, 1999

Kate: Tim was my mother’s friend. I was going to County Kerry, Ireland, in 1994, and she said that he was going to be there and I should meet him. I arranged to see him in a bar.

Tim: I have no interest in Hollywood. I knew she was an actress but had never seen her in anything. I’m an agnostic on many of my days, but when I laid eyes on her I said, “There is a God.”

Kate: It was almost instantaneous attraction. I think the Sicilians call it the thunderbolt. But he was county commissioner of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and I had to come back to L.A., and then I landed the job on Star Trek. These two components conspired against us. Cut to five years later. He’s now a consultant for three foundations in Cleveland. We met again for lunch at the Hotel Bel-Air; and last November he popped the question. We now split our time between Cleveland and L.A.

Tim: We wanted a wedding that was very simple and elegant, and we wanted it outside. Sanibel Island in Florida seemed good.

Kate: I just wanted to be someplace where I could look at the faces I love so well. Imagine a Victorian house with a veranda and a grassy courtyard with a white gazebo overlooking the canal. My two sons and his two daughters weren’t there, but we had my best friend and her husband as witnesses. The whole thing took 15 minutes.

Tim: I talked about how the moment I saw her, I was in love. She redefined my life completely, and at age 53 I never thought that would happen again.

Kate: Afterward we had champagne. Then we jumped into our shorts and went out to lunch. I don’t recall what we ate—just that we had more champagne, and I had the most quietly happy moments of my entire life.