Translator’s comments: The following interview is taken from a June 1996 edition of German rtv magazine. I have translated it to the best of my abilities. Please bear with mix-ups regarding TOS and VOY on part of the article's author. There are two German sentences (in italics) of Kate's whose respective translations I've put into parentheses.

Translation 3/01 by Claudia, no copyright infringement intended

German Men Are the Best ...

... of that Kate Mulgrew has been convinced since she fell in love with director Rick Kolbe. An open interview with the Hollywood star about men, cooking and Star Trek Voyager.

Everybody heeds her command

She was "Mrs Columbo" and hardly ever seen after that. Now Kate Mulgrew is back as the boss of the starship Enterprise

Kate Mulgrew (40) has a revolutionary job as commander of the "USS Voyager": In all of the 30 years "Raumschiff Enterprise" (later "Star Trek") TV series is being aired, she is the first woman on the bridge to survive for longer than just half an hour. rtv-reporter Anne-Kathrin Schulze met Kate Mulgrew aka Captain Janeway in Los Angeles.

Did you have a say in your uniform?

No, they are very strict about it. Nothing may be changed. But I have thrown away the wonderbra they wanted me to wear. It tied my breasts all up which I found awful.

You and the series have fans who devote themselves to Star Trek. Are you taking them seriously?

Yes, of course. I am grateful for their admiring us. The whole business about Star Trek is unique and sometimes rather disconcerting to me. But I'm trying to take this kind of admiration seriously. I go to Star Trek conventions from time to time. People actually go there and pay $30 just to see me in person.

Has success changed you? Do you expect to get the best table in a restaurant now?

I really don't expect that. That's probably because on screen I seem to be much taller than I really am, which is 1.65m. And I live quite secluded. Interviews are very hard for me.

Nice talking to us in spite of this. How did you prepare for your role? Could you get into it just like that?

I worked 18 hours in the first six months and didn't even have time to take a breath. But I love Janeway, the role is a big chance. I am trying to be aware of this because I have children at home who need to be provided for: Ian is twelve, Alexander eleven. Before getting this role I was about to sell my house and move into a flat with my sons. I am divorced, a single mother.

How do your children like the series?

Ian isn't interested in it, he doesn't think it's hip. He'd rather I went back doing theatre or films for cinema. Alexander on the other hand is crazy for Star Trek and watches every episode, telling me "You can't do it like that, mom ..."

Is there a man in your life?

(answers in German) Ich bin verliebt in einen deutschen Mann. (I'm in love with a German).

Really? And you speak German, too?

No, that's about it. I met him here at the set — Rick Kolbe. He is the director of the pilot. I'm very much in love.

Have you ever been to Germany?

No, but I'll go there soon. We go to Bonn and meet his mother, and I'll bring my mother. (Again in German) Die Muttis treffen sich (The moms are meeting each other).

What's so nice about a German man?

They are more sensitive — but men nevertheless. The German man is a man and a gentleman, which is ver important. That's certainly because of their upbringing. German men are honourable, self-confident and are sure of themselves.

How old is Rick?

Pretty old. He's 55, and I feel like 25 ...

Do you cook?

When I can drag myself to do it. I love cooking, and I'm quite good at it.

How about German cuisine?

Oh yes, I guess I should be approaching some time soon ... What's a good German dish, Wiener Schnitzel?

Actually, that's Austrian ...

What about Knödel? (dumplings)

How about Rouladen? But how do you say that in English? Seasoned meat rolls roasted in the oven? (Translator's note: I've looked it up and it translates beef olive)

I don't know that yet, but it sounds very interesting.


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