Brentwood News
June 1998

Our Fireside Chat With Kate Mulgrew
The News Catches Up With Brentwood's Honorary Mayor

By Gretchen Hyman

     Taking a moment from her whirlwind schedule, Honorary Brentwood Mayor Kate Mulgrew took a moment to catch up with Brentwood News and let the community know she has not forgotten them in her absence. After returning from shooting a film on three different continents and in eight different countries for a UPN Movie of the Week, Kate is back in Brentwood, and mighty glad of it. Although she feels badly to have neglected part of her tenure as Honorary Mayor, she has enjoyed the honor of the title and wants the community to know that.

     "I regrettably missed the parade, but I did attend the ball. It means a great deal to me to be recognized in this way and I would like to do something memorable and important for Brentwood" she said from her Brentwood home where she lives with her two sons. "I'm an actress and I'm raising a family by myself. My priority is my job."

     After living in the area for over 14 years, Kate has seen many changes in Brentwood and most for the better. "San Vicente Boulevard has blossomed," she said, pleased that Brentwood has maintained its respectability and simplicity and not been "vulgarized" like other cities in Los Angeles. "It is a small and extremely gracious residential environment. The first time I saw it, it looked like the country. I love it. You can walk down to the village, walk home and in no way feel that you've had your privacy infringed upon."

     On a typical dream Sunday, Kate would find herself strolling down to Belwood bakery with her sweetheart and two sons for a cappuccino and a muffin that she and her family feel are unparalled in Los Angeles. Kate and her clan would then walk over to Duttons Books for some good old-fashioned book browsing.  "I can spend two hours there without blinking," she said. "It's one of my favorite places." Kate also makes frequent visits to other Brentwood merchants like the Leslie Sacks Gallery where she recently bought a Picasso etching.  A final touch to an otherwise perfect day would be a meal at Vincenti's Ristorante. Other favorite Brentwood restaurants include Peppone's Restaurant and Woodside Cafe.

     Kate will be starting her fifth season of Star Trek Voyager next week. Her UPN project is called Riddler's Moon and is part of a new venue for UPN that will feature weekly Thursday night films. Riddler's Moon is the first to be produced in the series.

     "It remains to be seen if they will choose mine as their premiere," said Kate. "It was beautifully written and directed and I'm quite excited about it. I think this project warrants my not having been here, but I will try to make my presence in Brentwood better known in the future."

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