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July 1976
Above: Johnny and Maeve Ryan (Bernard Barrow and Helen Gallagher) do a mad Irish jig to the tuneful music of the Irish lassie’s fiddle. The entire cast had to learn how to do the jig. It wasn’t easy, but it was a lot of fun once they learned how.
Sex and Booze and Dancing Girls and Fiddlers and Giggling Babies and Folk Stories and Singing and Shamrocks and All the Other Things That Made St. Patrick’s Day An Affair To Remember!
Right and below: Pat and Maeve Ryan (Malcolm Groome and Helen) tried to cheer up little Johnny Ryan (Jadrian Steele) with, first, a bottle (in which we hope there was milk, not beer!) and then with a morsel of cheese. Jadrian is an adorable little boy, but once in front of the cameras, he does get just a tiny bit tearful. Come now, that’s no way for a future star to act!
Let’s hear it for the luck ‘n pluck o’ the Irish!

“Faith ‘n begorra!”

“If it t’aint me wile Irish rose!”

“Erin Go Bragh!” (“Ireland Forever” to ye Yankees.)

Mix the jolly cheers with Irish jigs, fiddle playing, laughter, folk singing, clowning, plenty of green bunting, shamrocks everywhere, and overflowing steins of beer. . . and the only thing lacking for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Ryan’s Hope was ole St. Paddy himself!

For the cast, taping this episode on an ABC-TV sound stage was as much fun as the real thing. In fact, for all intents and purposes, it was the real thing, from the brew to the young colleen who came over from the New York Irish Pavilion and danced along with the regular cast members to the Gaelic airs provided by a pretty fiddler named, appropriately enough, Kathleen Collins. And there was nary a threat of getting bonked with a shillelagh.

The celebration took place at Ryan’s Bar, of course, and the whole Ryan clan came out in force. Even Jack Fenelli, despite his “questionable” background, was welcomed with Celtic cheer. And there wasn’t a single snake in sight, unless one counts the devious Delia!

After the episode was “in the can,” everyone pranced home with visions of leprechauns dancing around in their heads and promised to take a shamrock to bed with them.

What the heck? St. Patrick’s Day only comes once a year!

Above: Delia Reid Ryan (Ilene Kristen) wasn’t too happy at the Ryan family festivities on St. Patrick’s Day. She glumly looks on as Johnny and Maeve prepare to dance up a storm. Delia later found solace in the arms of her lover, and her husband’s arch enemy, Dr. Roger Coleridge.
Above: Three TV cameras were constantly moving around the sets to get the proper camera angle. During a break, Mary, Pat, Frank, and little Johnny Ryan (Kate Mulgrew, Malcolm, Michael Hawkins, and  Jadrian) had a chance to relax before the next scene. 
Above: Faith Catlin (Faith Coleridge) wasn’t involved in filming the St.Paddy’s Day celebration, but she visited the set to watch the shenanigans.
Above: Mary Ryan (Kate Mulgrew) and Jack Fenelli (Michael Levin) wait for their cues before the taping begins. Their torrid romance on RH ranks among the greatest love stories on daytime TV. 
Right: On-screen, Delia (Ilene) has a stormy relationship with Frank (Michael) and a hot affair  going with Roger (Ron Hale). Off-screen, they’re all good friends. Below: The show’s two villains, Nick Szabo (Michael Fairman) and Roger (Ron) both have a witty sense of humor and are always teasing each other. Mike is drawing caricatures of the cast which he plans to present to the show’s creators, Paul Avila Mayer and Claire Labine.
Below: As a tough New York City detective, Bob Reid (Earl Hindman) is nobody to fool with, as he proves with a typical scowl. In real life, Earl is just a sweetie pie!
Left: Michael Levin takes some time out from his role as a newspaperman to relax and play some cards with the boys on the set. And judging from that grin, he has a very good poker hand!
Right: Michael Hawkins was almost written off the show earlier this year. Michael was having a tough time doing both his daytime role and a nighttime play. But his role as Frank Ryan proved so popular that  Michael’s character can look forward to a long political career.
And now, time out for a little loving! Feeling terribly neglected by her husband Frank, Delia arrived at Roger’s apartment for a little comfort. Left: Roger helped her relax by giving her a sensuous foot massage. Below left: Trying to make Delia even more comfortable, he loosened her blouse as she unbuttoned his shirt. Below: That soon led to some hanky-panky. And, of course, that led straight to Roger’s bed! These love scenes look passionate and easy to do, but it takes timing and careful movements—just like the real thing, supposedly. . .
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