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Hosted by Craig Kilborn 
November 17, 1998
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Craig:  Please welcome Kate Mulgrew!

[cheers & applause]

[Kate enters and greets Craig]

Craig:  Watch your step. Thank you for doin' the show. Have a seat.

Kate:  Thank you. How nice.

Craig:  Thank you for doing the show. I know you're a big fan of the show.

Kate:  I'm delighted to be here, but be kind to me.

Craig:  I will. Yes, that's why I'm here.

Kate:  All right.

Craig:  Now, you're the first female captain.

Kate:  I *am* the first female captain.

Craig:  Are they kind to you, the Trekkies, do they accept you?

Kate:  The Trekkers, that's the official term, right?

Craig:  Trekkers. Oh really.

Kate:  Because they're very smart people. They want to be acknowledged appropriately.

Craig:  Don't ever correct me that quickly in the interview.

[audience laughter]

Kate:  You said you would be kind to me. Uh, they're great to me. It's an unconditional support system.

Craig:  No matter who they put in it, they're gonna like.

Kate:  I'm not sure. What is that...? That reflects really sort of strangely on my performance, doesn't it?.

Craig:  But they like you. Are you anything like Shatner? Do you over act..

Kate:  Do you think I...

Craig:  Can you do any dramatic pauses?

Kate:  No, but they say I look a little bit like Bill Shatner.

Craig:  I don't see that.

Kate:  He's great, Bill.

Craig:  Does that mean you know him?

Kate:  I have met him on several occasions, of course. He's a very well traveled man. [laughs]

Craig:  Was he nice?

Kate:  Uh-huh and he's erudite, Bill Shatner.

Craig:  He's got the big ego though. He thinks he's special.

Kate:  He has been a starship captain. What do you expect?

Craig:  Are you one day going to have that enormous ego.

Kate:  No. I keep my ego in perspective. [makes face]

Craig:  Ok.

Kate:  'Cause I'm just a girl, right?

Craig:  I'll tell you what, if I were you, what would expand your ego. This is real, this is a Christmas ornament of you at the helm. [brings out 1998 Janeway Hallmark ornament] Look at this. How do you stay grounded, I mean you're a super star. This is beyond a doll. This is a Christmas ornament.

Kate:  No, but I think the logic behind this little device is weighs fifty-eight pounds.

Craig:  It is.

Kate:  So, what does your Christmas tree look like, is the question.

Craig:  The one down in Rockefeller Center is the only one that could hold this.

Kate:  You wouldn't wanna run into her in a dark alley, would ya?

Craig:  You look tough there. Is there any... Can this be a stocking stuffer as well? Or is it just an ornament.

Kate:  I'm sure you could...stuff it.

[audience laughter and applause]

Craig:  Why would they get that excited over that?

Kate:  [laughing] I have no idea. <chuckle>

Craig:  I haven't seen the Star Trek: Voyager as much as I should...

Kate:  But you're the host of this program.

Craig:  I know ...but do... is there a... We had Scotty on, remember Scotty from the old show? Is there a party animal on your show, someone who is out of control?

Kate:  Not out of control. I wouldn't allow that.

Craig:  Right.

Kate:  But we're a fun-loving group. Does anybody in this audience watch it?

[cheers & applause]

Kate:  All right, let me just ask this. Who do you think would be the party guy in my company?

Audience member:  Paris.

Kate:  Mr. Paris. No. Harry Kim.

Craig:  This guy who got excited. That's the person we almost didn't let into the show. We almost threw him out.

Kate:  That's the 'oil slick guy'? [laughs]

Craig:  That's the 'oil slick guy'. It is time for five questions! Here we go.

[cheers & applause]

Craig:  What's the state bird of Iowa? You're from Iowa, you were born there.

Kate:  Yes.

Craig:  What's the state bird?

Kate:  The fly?

Craig:  This may be the toughest one of the five questions.

Kate:  It's gotta be some kind of a crow.

Craig:  It's not. It's the Gold Finch. [buzzer] That's a tough one. It's very tough.

Kate:  There has never been a Gold Finch seen in my part of...

Craig:  Name the space movie starring Kirk Douglas and former angel Farrah Fawcett.

Kate:  Oh God, you guys, this is awful.

Kate:  Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett..

Craig:  Harvey Keitel as well.

Kate:  Space movie... 'Shuttle to an Impossible Galaxy'.

Craig:  Saturn 3 [buzzer]

Kate:  Saturn 3... famous...

[small 'aww' from audience]

Craig:  Better drink mix: Tang or Kool-Aid?

Kate:  Well, I do a space program, I have to say 'Tang'.

Craig:  That is correct. [ding]

[audience applause]

Craig:  To be safe, phasers should be set on what level?

Kate:  Low impulse.

Craig:  Or...

Kate:  High impulse. [laughs]

Craig:  No, looking for stun [buzzer]

Kate:  No, no, no...

Craig:  Why not?

Kate:  No, no, no, no, not a phaser, you're talking about a stun rifle.

Craig:  I thought phasers on stun...

Kate:  No, it's an entirely new technology. [light laughter]

Kate:  [to audience] Wrong question, right?

Craig:  Ok, ok...we're giving it to you... [ding]

Kate:  [laughs]

[cheers and applause]

Craig:  ...because the judges have no backbone. We mentioned your show is on UPN, right?

Kate:  What does UPN stand for?

Craig:  No, no. Finally, you're part of the UPN family. How much does the cancellation of 'The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer' hurt?

Kate:  How much does it hurt?

Craig:  Yeah.

Kate:  Me or Desmond?

Craig:  You.

Kate:  Not at all.

Craig:  That is correct. [ding] [cheers & applause] Star Trek Voyager airs Wednesday nights on UPN. Big hand for Kate Mulgrew.

[applause & cheers]

Kate:  Thank you.