And New York's Hudson River Is The Setting
Daytime TV -Sept. 1975
As Kate Mulgrew practiced throwing the ball so stuntman, Peter Hock, could fall off the pier, the lighting and camera crew line up their shots. The man under the pier is the sound man, preparing to get the splash.
     On-the-scene location shootings are going to be important to 'Ryan's Hope',  and for one of its opening segments, they decided to use New York City piers.

     With Frank Ryan (Michael Hawkins) running for the City Council, Mary (Kate Mulgrew), his sister, decided to work for his campaign upon her college graduation. Jack Fenelli (Michael Levin), a reporter for The Village Banner, decided he wanted to investigate Ryan's campaign. A believer in the saying, "Never trust a politician," Fenelli wanted to find out all the back-room dealings and bargains Ryan was making to win. 

     But Fenelli didn't count on Mary Ryan. She considerately gave her time to Fenelli to dispel his distrusting ideas about what was really going on. In their time together, they ended up tossing a ball back and forth at one of the docks. The conversation became more and more heated. But, at the end, when Fenelli added insult to injury by implying the well educated, liberated and self-assured Mary just might be a wonderful wife someday, Mary's toss of the ball was too hard and high, causing Fenelli to step back and off the pier. With a big splash, he ended up in the Hudson River!

     No harm came to Fenelli, but there is the question concerning the fall Frank Ryan took down the hospital stairs. Was it an accident....or......?

Mary Ryan is a very pretty natural looking girl, so the makeup artist only added lip gloss to her lips. Kate Mulgrew is also at the American Shakespeare Festival in Conn. 

As a "crusading reporter," Michael Levin is making his debut also. He has appeared in The Royal Hunt of the Sun on Broadway. Both Michael and Kate worked from 5 a.m. in the morning to shoot these scenes.