This is a compilation of several 'reports' from Starfest 2000 held in Denver, Colorado, April 14-16, 2000

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Almost 1000 people sat spellbound as Kate Mulgrew and John de Lancie took the stage on Saturday evening and proceeded to perform "The Lion and the Portuguese" for the very first time in its entirety.  The play, about Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, was conceived by Mr. de Lancie and written by Susan Rivers more than 20 years ago. Mr. de Lancie noted in his “talk” the next day that the play had sat unfinished for almost 20 years. At the time he couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with certain parts of the play but about six months ago he took the play out again and was able to “fix” it. He has lost touch with Ms. Rivers and has been trying all avenues to get in touch with her since she is due proceeds from any production of the play. If anyone has any information about Susan Rivers please contact Mr. de Lancie through his Alien Voices website.

It was evident that the two are good friends – at the end of the first act they kissed – and this was received with catcalls and applause.  Kate played it up, even going so far as to "fan" her face as though she were flushed. Then, not long into the second act there was a moment of "sexual tension" that resulted in both Kate and John cracking up.  Kate was seen to whisper to John that "he was bad", just before he reached into his pocket and handed her his room key!

John, Kate and the entire audience became immersed in the play and its two characters. At the end of the performance Kate was seen to be sniffling and John had tears on his face.

On Sunday Kate Mulgrew appeared on stage at about 4:30.  She spoke of how she was going to miss the character of Janeway and her fellow cast members when Voyager ends. She said that it will be hard having to let it all go and that the last episode promises to be a tear jerker.

She said that filming for the 6th season had finished that week and that the set seemed like a war zone; Jeri Ryan had been injured falling out of bed and Roxanne Dawson was on crutches due to recent surgery.  She also said that Voyager would be going home in the seventh season.

Kate said that there aren't going to be any great romances for Janeway in the final season. She also made it quite clear that she wasn’t thrilled with the holo-lover in  “Fair Haven”. Kate commented that after lobbying for a romance for Janeway what does she get?  “Air”.

She reported that Jennifer Lien had returned to film a soon to be aired episode ("Fury"). Kate implied that Jennifer's departure from the show had been very hard for all of them, and that it was difficult to have her back on – she wasn't sure why the producers or Jennifer had decided to do it.

Kate also made it clear that she has not been happy with the non-ensemble type of writing that has been evident since Seven of Nine had arrived on the programme.  She commented that there are nine people in the group, and it takes all of them, not just one, to make the show.

Kate spoke of the difficulties inherent in being apart from her husband of almost a year (April 19th would be their first anniversary), and how they lived apart; she with her two boys in California; he (Tim Hagan) in Ohio with his two young daughters. When asked what she has planned for the future, she said she hoped to see Tim, and after two years (when her youngest son has left home) she hopes to return to New York and the theatre "If they'll have me."

A young girl asked Kate about becoming an actor/actress and she replied by telling her that she had been acting professionally since she was 17 when she quit school to pursue her acting career and had been doing so ever since.

She said that she feels too much stress is put on children in school for things that are not necessary 'for life'.  She told the youngster to get into as much theatre as possible, as soon as possible, whether it be in school or in church. Do it anywhere you can… and be seen by as many as possible.

All reports indicate that Ms. Mulgrew is a vibrant and inspiring speaker – that those who hear her come away moved and energized: "She was vibrant, full of fire and wit, kind and yet very sharp at all times. No bologna was tolerated…. I came away just in awe…"

" What can I add about Ms. Mulgrew that hasn't already been said?  She IS the captain!  From the nanosecond she came onto the stage, she was in command--poised, articulate, witty, erudite, gracious, honest, informative—offering wisdom and encouragement with each response, along with advice to work hard at whatever career one chooses.  If I was impressed with her 4 years ago, I am even more so this time.  This lady exudes integrity and an almost unexcelled degree of conscientiousness and adherence to one's own ideals and morals.  Thank you, goddess, for the voluntary departure of Ms. Bujold, who brought Kate Mulgrew to the fore, although I doubt that Ms. Mulgrew's talent would have gone unnoticed regardless."

"But the person to impress me the most was Kate Mulgrew.  She is truly inspirational."

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