I don't ooh and ahh over stars, but Kate Mulgrew is different to me.  I have always wanted to meet her and I kept that a secret for years because I knew that it wasn't possible.  I saw some of her in me and I admired her and still do for her strength and courage.  I finally got to meet her at the 2004 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I wasn't disappointed, and she is so down to earth and easy to talk to.  I only got to talk to her for about twenty seconds, but that was one of the best twenty seconds in my life.  One of my dreams came true and it was an awesome experience.  I have my mother to thank for that and Ms. Mulgrew as well.  She will never know that she inspired me, but she did.  I am going to try to make another dream of mine come true as well.  I have always wanted to be an actress and now I have the chance.  I hope that one day I can tell her all of this and how she inspired me, but for now I have that twenty seconds in Vegas to remember.  Dreams come true and I believe that now more than anything.

Ashley Pasco

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