Los Angeles Times
May 29, 1997

   On the set: We shoot until 2 a.m. on Fridays, so my weekend doesn't start until Saturday.

   By the sea: I try to sleep until 9, which is a great luxury considering I have two sons, Ian, 14, and Alexander, 13.   Sometimes I spend Saturday morning at their soccer games. But what we really love to do is go to the beach. I love the drive up to Geoffrey's in Malibu, a great place for brunch. I also love the Cliff House Inn and Shoals Restaurant in Ventura. You sit outside on a chaise lounge with your wine. I believe in drinking white wine. It's a digestive; it's a way of life.

   By the pool: My great love is to have eight people over for dinner Saturday night. I start cooking early, at about 1 or 2, and cook all day, something like cioppino. Then take a break at 4 or 5, have a swim, have a nap, set the table. Swimming is important to me. I do my 30 to 50 laps right away, but then there's a lot of fooling around with my sons, like jumping off the roof.

   In the dark: Peppone in Brentwood Village has the best Italian food in the city for my taste. It is very dark, the kind of place you can cozy up in for a long time. Then we go to the movies. We don't go see blockbusters.

   By the side of the road: I'm a shoe addict. I have been known to pull over in bumper-to-bumper traffic if I see a pair of shoes.

   In the classics section: On Sundays, I walk my dog and go to Dutton's, which is down the street from where I live in Brentwood. I can spend three hours alone in the classics section.

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