MAY 18, 1997
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Larry:  Ah, a beautiful Sunday here on Good Day Sunday everybody, we have Captain Janeway joining us and if you didn't know, Captain Kirk is retired and is now doing Rescue 911 and...

Kate:  Captain Kirk? That was 30 years ago.

Larry:  I know...

Kate:  Captain Picard, you mean.

Larry:  He has too. I'm just goin' down the line now...I was gonna go down generation after generation after generation. But you have stepped up onto the command deck you're doing a fine job...

Kate:  Thank you very much.

Larry:  ...Star Trek Voyager and everything. Have you settled in nicely with it?

Kate:  I love this job. I love this part. It's the only role on primetime television that  I think has the humanity, the nobility, the absurdity... and it's a great privilege to play the first female captain... Now I'm gonna take a sun tan back to the Delta Quadrant. What'll you think they'll do? That'll scare 'em. It's beautiful here in the park.

Larry:  Well, you guys are already into what, the second season and now you're season finale's coming up. You've already filmed that.

Kate:  We're moving into our fourth season. The season finale airs..

Larry:  Ya see my hair's gettin' gray. It's all happening too fast for me, Kate.

Kate:  It really is... The season finale airs this Wednesday, the twenty- first, and I believe part two will air, I'm just reading, actually, off your cheat sheet, at the end of August, which evidently is quite unusual. This is a scary one. It's the re-introduction or the introduction of the Borg and for the Trekkers out there who are in the know, this will be quite a terrifying concept because I believe that we are about to welcome a half-borg/half-human person onto our ship for the duration of this journey.

Larry:  That was a big part of the earlier episodes and also of the recent movie, the Borg creature, a terrifying...

Kate:  Did you see the movie?

Larry:  Yes, I did.

Kate:  Did you like it?

Larry:  I love it. Well, I'm a big Trekkie.

[Kate smiles]

Larry:  One thing I wanted to ask you is the movie roles too. Are you guys gonna now step into that? Are they going to start introducing Captain Janeway into the movies now?

Kate:  I think you should say that to camera and you should address all of my executive producers and let's do this right now...

Larry:  Well, they're all, ya know, sitting back there saying 'Let's see what Larry Hoff has to say about the Star Trek series...'

Kate:  I hope so.

Larry:  '...and moving them to movies.'

Kate:  Never say never and never say die. I certainly do hope so. I'd like to get up there. Doesn't somebody have to die? Doesn't a captain have to die for another captain to take over.

Larry:  They're able to resurrect anybody at any time, now. You guys have done so well, I mean, you've basically elevated an entire network, UPN, on to the map because you guys have been that foundation for them to...

Kate:  We're their flagship show, that's true, and we're delighted to be that, you know, gives us a strong anchor.

Larry:  OK, let's take a look, right now, at the season finale. What's it called?

Kate:  We're going to see the whole finale?

Larry:  Yeah, we're going to air it right now... we've got time galore on Good Day Sunday.

Kate:  This is Scorpion, Part One.

Larry:  All right.

[clip begins]

Janeway: Did we sustain any damage? Harry:  No. Shields held. Warp engines are coming back on line. All primary systems are stable. Janeway: Stand down Red Alert. Harry, maintain a long-range sensor lock on that Borg armada. They seemed to be in quite a hurry, didn't they? I'd like to know what they're up to. Harry: Yes, Ma'am. Janeway: I'll take this near miss as a good omen. Resume our course, Mr. Paris. Chakotay:  If we needed any more evidence that we've entered Borg space, I think we just got it. Janeway: I'll be in my ready room.

[clip ends]

Larry:  Well Kate, we're... It was so dazzling, it blacked out our TV right there. [Kate laughing] I was riveted by that. I was riveted by it. Well, tell everybody, turn in to UPN, 9 if you want to watch Star Trek: Voyager. Now, have you been accepted as a Captain of a Starship?

Kate:  I believe I have been. Most unconditionally by the female faction, of course and their daughters. The toughest demographic to crack were the men 15-40 but, I think that I have wooed them through an inherent kind of command that men love and respect. So I hope so. God knows, I'm having the time of my life.

Larry:  Yes, to journeys beyond and beyond... and Kate, thank you very much, especially coming down...

Kate:  It's great to see you again.

Larry:  It's great to see you too. It has been four years, that's why my hair is getting so gray.

Kate:  What about my hair? [laughing] We're not gonna talk about that.

Larry:  Naw, another subject, another day. OK, Bobby, come in from 9th Avenue.