The  Plain Dealer
Cleveland, Ohio
Tuesday, December 22, 1998
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        What does the star of "Star Trek: Voyager" see in a Cuyahoga County commissioner? "Tim Hagan is the best man I've ever met. He redefines nice," actress Kate Mulgrew said at her fiancee's retirement roast yesterday. But she joined in the riotous roasting with a Capt. Kathryn Janeway-style dig. "If I can get past his existential nonsense, we'll find our way to unprecedented dimensions of joy."

     Hagan's twin brother, Jim, master of ceremonies, said the sold-out event at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center raised $50,000 for a Cleveland State University scholarship fund named for Hagan's father, Robert, and mother, Ada. "It would have been $75,000 if the Hagans had paid," he said.

     Indeed, 96 family members were there, along with a crowd that included Mayor Michael R. White; Steve Minter, executive director of the Cleveland Foundation; Commissioner colleagues Jane Campbell and Tim McCormack; Commissioner-elect Jimmy Dimora; Cleveland Indians owner Dick Jacobs; and Cleveland City Council President Jay Westbrook.

     WHY THEY CAME ... WMJI FM's Jimmy Malone joked that several invitation reprints yielded the large crowd. The first, which announced an event honoring Hagan, sold only 12 tickets. However, the second, which invited guests to present epitaphs about Hagan, was very successful - all but one ticket was sold.

     "So that one ticket was reprinted," Malone said, referring to Hagan's occasional sparring with McCormack. "It said 'Please come help us euthanize Tim Hagan.' That's when Tim McCormack bought that last ticket.'

     NO MORE SECRETS ... At a Mulgrew-Hagan engagement party Saturday at the Harbor Inn in the Flats, guests wore name tags for Mulgrew's benefit. They included a blank for a name and something the bride-to-be should know about Hagan. At the end of the evening, the tags were collected as a keepsake for Mulgrew.

     Hagan's siblings didn't miss this chance to let their future sister-in-law know where they fall in the family lineup, numbering themselves from one through 13.

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