Wednesday, November 18, 1998
Special Issue - 100th episode of STAR TREK: VOYAGER
Kate Mulgrew
On the import of the character: Let's be frank about it - I was going to make a very big statement about my gender. [She] is free of all those shackles [associated with gender] and there is a wonderful freedom in that because then your humanity can really take wing. And the canvas becomes much, much larger than anything you could have dreamt of because there are no limits. I thought they were very brave and pioneering to choose a woman as a captain, and I intended to endow her with as many levels and colors as I possibly could. On playing the part: The first couple of seasons were tough. It seemed to me everything was analyzed to an inch of its being, and then when they saw I could not only command the ship but do it with a degree of aplomb, they began to give me some slack. That is when the true creative process began, and I am enjoying it enormously. On growing in the role: I have grown as an actress, in my attentive risk-taking and in my ability to concentrate for long stretches of time on  very difficult, highly technological material. I've been given this marvelous laboratory to work in every day, and I really never lose sight of that.