Lite 100.5 WRCH
Hartford, Connecticut
Friday, January 11, 2002

Kate with Allan from Lite 100.5 WRCH
Many THANKS! to my transcriber!

The morning team of Mike, Allan & Allison from radio station Lite 100.5 WRCH radio in Hartford, Connecticut visited Hartford Stage on Friday, January 11, 2002. Kate Mulgrew joined them for their morning broadcast.

Allan Camp:  Kate Mulgrew who was on Ryan's Hope, I mean she was Captain Janeway on Star Trek.

Mike Stacy:  Seven seasons on Star Trek.

Allan Camp:  Mrs. Columbo.

Allison Demers:  Cheers.

Allan Camp:  I mean, you name it.

Mike Stacy:  Murphy Brown.

Allison Demers:  Everything.

Allan Camp:  And she gets up early too. That's very nice.  It's a pleasure to have you with us here this morning.

Kate Mulgrew:  Thank you, Allan. I have one question for you.

Allan Camp:  Yes?

Kate Mulgrew:  Is there coffee in this nebula?

Mike Stacy:  We have coffee.  We have danish.

Allison Demers:  And you know what?  Allan will get you anything you want.

Allan Camp:  That's the truth.

Mike Stacy:  Allan is your handmaiden today.

Allan Camp:  See, the last time you came to town, you came to the radio station and recorded a promo for Tea At Five.

Kate Mulgrew:  I did.

Allan Camp:  And Michael comes in, as he always does, anytime somebody great shows up at the radio station, oh, I just met so-and-so.  Duh de duh de duh.

Mike Stacy:  And the story of Allan's life.

Kate Mulgrew:  And she's on her way out of town.

Allan Camp:  Yeah!  And so I come, oh, she's down at the studio, so I go down and look and so, oh, I gotta get my camera for this.  So I run and get my camera and I realize I have two shots left in it and I hafta get rid of these because I don't want to be a bonehead and you know.

Mike Stacy:  He didn't want you to hear the film rewinding on the camera as he was…

Allan Camp:  So, you know, I take the one picture and so as you start doing it, so I run around and get my film and I come back and say, okay, where's Kate?  And I look out and see the car going around the corner.  And Michael comes out and he's got this maniacal laugh.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yeah.

Mike Stacy:  This is his lifelong story, Kate.  He missed Carly Simon.  He missed, um…

Allison Demers:  Christie Brinkley.

Mike Stacy:  Christie Brinkley.  He missed half the women from the U. Conn. basketball team.

Kate Mulgrew:  What is this in your karma Alan?

Allan Camp:  I don't know.  I think things are finally turning around.  I'm feeling better.

Kate Mulgrew:  And then Mike gets into some sort of war as a result.   Pinging and ponging.

Allan Camp:  Well, I might have thrown something.

Kate Mulgrew:  Were those proton torpedoes you were thinking about?

Allan Camp:  All right, all right.

Mike Stacy:  They were actually Jelly Belly jelly beans and they sting when they hit you in the right spot.

Kate Mulgrew:  That was the intention I'm sure.

Allan Camp:  So finally you get to --- how much are you resting now that you're not, you're not doing a television show, you know weekly.  Do you get any downtime at all?

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh why don't we ask Jacques, the head PR at Hartford Stage who wants me to get out of bed at 5 a.m.?  I am resting.  This is a wonderful experience.

Mike Stacy:  How can you be resting?  Your husband's running for governor.  You must be doing all kinds of things.

Kate Mulgrew:  I'm also a very good liar as you can tell Mike.  I don't think it's in my destiny.  I don't think I'm a real rester by nature.  I wouldn't suggest that you are either Mike.  I don't think I've ever seen you sitting down.

Mike Stacy:  No.

Allan Camp:  He doesn't do that.

Mike Stacy:  I'm usually bouncy.

Allan Camp:  Too much energy.

Kate Mulgrew:   I don't miss that element, you know?  Don't we have eternity for that?

Mike Stacy:  That's true.   That's the way I think too.  You're young, you have the energy.

Allan Camp:  You can sleep when you're dead.

Mike Stacy:  There's too much in life to just be sleeping.

Kate Mulgrew:  Exactly.

Allan Camp:  So now with Tea at Five here coming up, how long have you had the script?

Kate Mulgrew:  I've had the script for months.  Last April I believe.  It was written by Matthew Lombardo, a very interesting fellow.

Mike Stacy:  He's not sure if he's getting out of bed this morning, by the way.

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh yes, well he is.

Mike Stacy:  The wake up call is coming.

Kate Mulgrew:  Predisposed.

Allan Camp:  We have the phone ready.  If I'm here, Kate's here.

Kate Mulgrew:  (in Hepburn voice)  Oh, Matthew, darling, do stay in bed and keep writing, my darling.  (in own voice)  He wrote this play specifically for me.  We have a mutual friend, Nancy Addison.  Do you know who she is?

Allan Camp:  No.

Kate Mulgrew:  She used to be on Ryan's Hope with me.

Allan Camp:  I do remember that.

Kate Mulgrew:  She played Jillian Coleridge.   She's my oldest and dearest friend.  She's a great pal.

Allison Demers:  She's beautiful as well.

Kate Mulgrew:  A wonderful woman.  She's not well right now.  Anyway, she and Matthew conspired, and he said what do you mean you know her well?  She said, I know her very well, she's my best friend. And he said, can you get this play to her, having watched me, I think for years.  That's a dreadful phrase isn't it?

Allan Camp:  No.

Kate Mulgrew:  Years.  Oh God, Hepburn just leapt out, (Hepburn voice) having watched me for years.

Allan Camp:  Oh, you got it down!  That's incredible.

Kate Mulgrew:  So he wrote this marvelous play based on the life of Katharine Hepburn.  One person show, two acts.  In act one, I'm 31, may God have mercy on my soul, and in act two, I'm 76.

Allan Camp:  That's amazing.

Allison Demers:  Wow.

Mike Stacy:  How do you age 40 years in 15 minutes?

Kate Mulgrew:  I don't know, Mike, but please don't come on opening night.  So he sent it to me in Hollywood and I came down from the Delta Quadrant for a second to read this thing, and it was just great.  It was brilliant.  In a moment I understood that I had to do it.  So, he's a real go getter.  He got in touch with Hartford Stage.  Hartford optioned it and here we are.

Allan Camp:  Is this not the best place to start because they know…

Kate Mulgrew:  The best.

Allan Camp:  Her father was a doctor right here at Hartford Hospital a few blocks from here.

Mike Stacy:  That's right.

Kate Mulgrew:  Exactly.

Mike Stacy:  She grew up right in Hartford.

Kate Mulgrew:  Born and raised in West Hartford.

Allan Camp:  As a matter of fact, over at the Bushnell across --- they have an electrician's room there and it's, nobody ever gets to see this, but it's this little dingy room in the back and every actor and actress who came through in the early years has signed their name on the wall back there.

Mike Stacy:  Is she on there?

Allan Camp:  And now the paint is all peeling back and if you go in and look right up at the top of the room, obviously she had to stand on a file cabinet or something.

Mike Stacy:  No kidding.

Allan Camp:  Because at the highest point it says, Katharine Hepburn, local girl.

Allison Demers:  Wow, very nice.

Allan Camp:  And uh, you know, so, you know, she said --- I'm just so excited you're going to be doing ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Yeah, there's a little anecdote about her because she had never played Hartford, and finally as she was in this, I think, rather struggling piece called The Lake, and she suggested they come to Hartford and take it out of town before they moved it into the city and her parents and family had never seen her perform here in her hometown and she was very, very nervous that night at the Bushnell.

Allan Camp:  The must have been the evening then when she wrote that.

Kate Mulgrew:  Came out and made a very lovely curtain speech.

Mike Stacy:  That's the whole superman thing.  You're never that popular in your own hometown.  Everybody, you know.

Kate Mulgrew:  And you're always that nervous, 'cause they know who you are.

Mike Stacy:  Oh yeah, lots of pressure added there.


Allan Camp:  If you're just tuning in, we're speaking with Kate Mulgrew this morning who played Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager.

Mike Stacy:  Which, by the way, in the upcoming Star Trek movie, you get upgraded to admiral and I'm very excited about this.

Kate Mulgrew:  I've done it.

Mike Stacy:  I'm very happy about this, because in one of the recent episodes of  Next Generation, which I know is not recent now, but they had the admiral come in and she was a woman and she told Picard that he no longer had the Enterprise, but she was not a very strong admiral. You were so great as the captain.  Why not be an admiral?  You were phenomenal.

Kate Mulgrew:  I was an admiral at the end.

Mike Stacy:  That's right.

Kate Mulgrew:   In the finale

Mike Stacy:  When we made the big jump from the Delta Quadrant with the white hair.

Kate Mulgrew:  But I loved her.

Allan Camp:  Yes.

Kate Mulgrew:  That was like slipping into a very easy skin, playing the admiral.  But, Nemesis which is the new movie, oh God did I say something I wasn't supposed to say?  I live in constant peril of my life that Paramount --- can I say something?

Allan Camp:  I'm surprised you don't have a lawyer sitting right next to you whispering in your ear, don't say this Kate.

Kate Mulgrew:  Can I say hello?  Love you all out there. (blows Paramount a kiss)  It was very fast, but Patrick Stewart, God bless him, came in quite early to do his off camera for me.  Rick Berman came down from his office.  It was extremely pleasant, I must say.

Mike Stacy:  Is this a segue so like when Kirk turned the reins over to Picard, now maybe they'll be turning the reins over to your crew?

Kate Mulgrew:  No, but doesn't it usually follow that, I mean these movies have their own bias, and then one captain has to kill another captain?  Isn't that generally the younger captain?

Mike Stacy:  Yes.  Younger and more talented.

Kate Mulgrew:  More hair.

Mike Stacy:  There you go.

Kate Mulgrew:  I love you Patrick.

Allan Camp:  I remember when Voyager came out, everyone said they have a woman captain, and you've always done a strong female role.  Just a nice woman's woman.

Kate Mulgrew:  Is he a body ---

Mike Stacy:  Well, yeah, a smooth biceps movement.

Kate Mulgrew:  You should see what Allan's doing.

Allan Camp:  Strong, strong woman.

Kate Mulgrew:  He's doing the crunches.  It's like my action figure, have you ever seen a more terrifying thing in your life?

Mike Stacy:  I've heard about those.  It's like a Barbie doll in a Star Trek uniform.

Kate Mulgrew:  Four inches of horror.  You wouldn't want to run into that broad, I tell you that.  I mean, it is horror.


Kate Mulgrew:  We should tell everyone what we're talking about.  Let's be frank.

Allan Camp:  Yes, go ahead.

Kate Mulgrew:  We are talking about Mike, Allan and Allison's respective love affairs with their respective spouses.

Mike Stacy:  There you go.

Kate Mulgrew:  So all talk of the theater has gone out the window.  This is no longer about Tea At Five, Hartford Stage or anything else.  Allison's husband is hot.

Mike Stacy:  Yes he is.

Allison Demers:  He's so hot!

Mike Stacy:  He's a very good looking man.

Allison Demers:  Beautiful guy.

Kate Mulgrew:   Mike looks to my eye, very hot this morning.

Allison Demers:  Ooooooooo.

Allan Camp:  There you go.

Mike Stacy:  That's because of body solution.

Kate Mulgrew:   No, but there is a solution in that body, no question about it, and Allan, you too are very much in love with your wife.

Allan Camp:  Yes I am.

Kate Mulgrew:   And how many children between the three of you?

Allison Demers:  I have one.

Allan Camp:  Um.  One.  Three.  Five all together.

Kate Mulgrew:  Five kids?

Mike Stacy:  Two for myself, two for Allan and one for Allison.

Kate Mulgrew:  Great.

Allan Camp:  When did we lose track of this interview?  All of a sudden Kate's interviewing...

Mike Stacy:  I know, she's suddenly interviewing us now.  You're very good at that.

Allison Demers: She's very personable, yes.


Allan Camp:  Kate will be performing at Tea At Five here about Katharine Hepburn and I've been a big fan for a long time, Kate, so and Mike asked me yesterday if I'd be bringing you flowers.  And I said ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Flowers?

Allan Camp:  I said flowers would be nice, but the way I'm going I can see that ---

Kate Mulgrew:  But jewels would be better.

Allan Camp:  No, actually, I brought you some Girl Scout cookies.

Mike Stacy:  Oh, that's nice.

Allan Camp:  I brought you, you know, Thin Mints, you know, so ---

Kate Mulgrew:  These will be gone at rehearsal in two seconds.

Mike Stacy:  That was really thoughtful Allan.

Kate Mulgrew:  John Tillinger and Matthew Lombardo will take care of those.  I have to say something about the Girl Scout cookies.  The Girl Scout Thin Mints and peanut butter cookies are the best cookies in the world.  My very favorite.

Mike Stacy:  I'm a big fan of the Samoas.  The one with the caramel and the chocolate.  Those are so good.

Kate Mulgrew:  You're a wealth of information.  Do you know that?   He knows something about everything, doesn't he?

Allan Camp:  A couple things we need to know about you.  First of all, what's your favorite food?

Kate Mulgrew:  Chicken.

Mike Stacy:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  I know this is going to sound appalling, or cheese.

Allan Camp:  Chicken or cheese or both together?

Kate Mulgrew:  Great bread.  Nothing like a baked potato.  Nothing in the world for the Irish in me, the appalling Irish in me is leaping out.  Nothing like a hot baguette with a beautiful brie and a lovely glass of white wine.

Allan Camp:  Wow.

Kate Mulgrew:  I think it's time to wrap this up so folks, don't you?

Mike Stacy:  Okay, you've heard it. The first person to bring down the baguette and some of the brie cheese, we have a signed poster for you.

Kate Mulgrew:  Baguettes, bries…

Allison Demers:  I want to know, I recently saw you on an episode of Cheers.

Kate Mulgrew:  Not recently.

Allison Demers:  No I did.  I did, I actually saw ---

Allan Camp:  In syndication now.

Allison Demers:  ---Ted Danson.  Was it good kissing him?  Or is there anybody better?  See, I had a big crush on Sam Malone.

Mike Stacy:  Wow.  Did he have a tic-tac moment before you got kissed?

Kate Mulgrew:  You know I've kissed some very amazing guys.  I've kissed Richard Burton.

Allison Demers:  Really?  Do tell!

Kate Mulgrew:  I played his wife.

Allison Demers:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:   In a movie called Tristan and Isolt.  You may know that myth.  She's a very young Irish princess; marries a rather aging Cornish king.

Allison Demers:  Wow.

Kate Mulgrew:  And that was a pleasant kiss.  In that same movie I really wildly kissed Nicholas Clay.  Pierce Brosnan I kissed for a year on location in Ireland in The Manions of America.

Allan Camp:  Okay.

Kate Mulgrew:  And although he's a wonderful guy and superbly good looking, our relationship was platonic.

Mike Stacy:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  David Jansen I kissed.  Do you remember David?

Allison Demers:  Umhmm.

Kate Mulgrew:  He wasn't a bad kisser.   I find the English to be probably the best.

Allison Demers:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  Because they absolutely have no protocol, which they didn't tell me.  So they care nothing about…

Mike Stacy:  Anybody from Monty Python would probably be a good kisser.

Kate Mulgrew:  John Cleese would be divine.

Mike Stacy:  You know my wife says the same thing.  She thinks John Cleese is very attractive.  I just don't see it.

Allison Demers:  Or Sean Connery.

Mike Stacy:  Yeah.

Kate Mulgrew:  Listen, I have to stop on Sean Connery.  I happen to have a very good friend who knows Sean Connery very well. Unprecedented, unparalleled, the best.

Mike Stacy and Allan Camp:  Really?

Allison Demers:  I'm not surprised.

Mike Stacy:  Sean Connery.

Allison Demers:  I'm so not surprised.

Kate Mulgrew:  The best.

Mike Stacy:  So find Forrester now.

Allan Camp:  Now, you had an episode --- you were on Hotel a couple of times.  So did you kiss Barbra Streisand's husband?

Allison Demers:  James Brolin.  He's another cutie.

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh, I wouldn't know because I played a madame didn't I?  Ah, yes … from Hollywood to the Delta Quadrant.

Allison Demers:  Kate.

Mike Stacy:  James Brolin paid.

Kate Mulgrew:  Paid.

Mike Stacy:  That's very good.

Kate Mulgrew:  Where'd you people do your research?

Allan Camp: Kate Mulgrew is our guest this morning.  She is performing in Tea At Five and you can get your tickets for this tremendous show.

Mike Stacy:  Get them fast.

Allan Camp:  The start date is just a few days away.

Mike Stacy:  February 7th.

Kate Mulgrew:  February 7th  is our first preview.  We open on the 13th  of February and I believe we'll run through the 17th  of March.  So, the box office is open now for both this and Letters From Tennessee.

Mike Stacy:  That's right.

Kate Mulgrew:  Based on the life of Tennessee Williams, performed by Richard Thomas this weekend.  If you call now, you get one free.

Allan Camp:  That's a pretty decent deal.

Kate Mulgrew:  Tonight and tomorrow for Letters From Tennessee.

Mike Stacy:  The intimate Stage, Too production, so they have these walls up in there.  It's so beautiful in there there's only a few hundred seats, so you're sitting right down close to the stage where Richard Thomas is.  It's great.

Allan Camp:  So to call, the box office is open and the number is 527-5151 for Hartford Stage.


Allan Camp:  Good morning, it's Allan, Mike and Allison our field trip today ---

Mike Stacy:  You're not saying the name right.  Kate, Allan, Mike and Allison.

Allan Camp:  Who gets top billing today.

Kate Mulgrew:  It's a new world.

Mike Stacy:  There you go. Admiral Kate.

Allan Camp:  Kate Mulgrew, who's going to be here at Tea At Five at Hartford Stage, you'll get tickets on sale for that show right now.  Starts February 7th and goes through March 10th.  It's about the life of Katharine Hepburn, another Hartford native, who grew up right up around not more than three or four blocks from here.

Mike Stacy:  There's no better person that can be portraying Katharine Hepburn than yourself.

Kate Mulgrew:  Thank you so much.

Mike Stacy:  Oh, you're going to be incredible.

Allison Demers:  But you know what? You can just forget the acting and come and just look at her for a little while.

Kate Mulgrew:  That sounds all right.  Would you please call Joey Tillinger, Michael Wilson, it's finished.

Allison Demers:  You look just like her.   You sound like her.  Everything.

Kate Mulgrew:  Thank you.

Allan Camp:  When you say sound like her, I mean, you even, you can, when you have to age her to how --- you start out when she's 35, right?

Kate Mulgrew:  31 and then we go to 76.

Allison Stacy:  Big jump.

Allan Camp:  31 years old.  And how did you have to work on this to make it how she sounded at 76?  What did you work on to make that happen?

Kate Mulgrew:  Actually I'll say this much, but you know it's sort of a difficult thing to talk about when you're right in the middle of the process.  The older Hepburn is a bit of an easier fit for me than the younger.   I seem to be just at that point in my life where if you had to topple over, you topple that way.

Allison Demers:  No, I don't believe that.  Don't you think she --- you don't look --- you really look like you're maybe getting to be 30.

Kate Mulgrew:  I am putting you in my will.

Allison Demers:  Honestly.  I'm not, believe me, I don't give compliments to just…

Allan Camp:  No she doesn't.

Allison Demers:  You really, really, I mean you look young the way you present yourself.

Kate Mulgrew:  Thank you.

Allison Demers:  You have a presence about you.  Where does that come from?  Were you raised like that?  Is that from the industry?

Kate Mulgrew:  As my dear mother would say, good DNA.

Mike Stacy:  There you go.

Kate Mulgrew:  Isn't that right?

Allison Demers:  It's in the genes.

Kate Mulgrew:  But the beauty of doing this thing in Hartford is that Hepburn loved it here.  She always came back here.  Did you know that?  Almost every weekend of her life when she wasn't filming.  She used to say, I'm just like the little girl who never grew up.

Allan Camp:  Well, she was very approachable because I know people who say that she'd walk into the hardware store down, you know, where she lives, down on the Connecticut shore.  You know, she'd just walk in, go over and buy some you know, putty or something like that and she was just an average person.  People just ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, now wait a minute, wait a minute, Allan.  The average person just doesn't generally buy putty.

Mike Stacy:  He was searching for something he'd buy at a hardware store but his wife has banned him from power tools.  He's a dangerous man with a hand saw.

Kate Mulgrew:  Pruning shears.

Allison Demers:  She's got your number already Allan.

Allan Camp:  This is really disturbing because it didn't take her long.  She sized me up in minutes.

Allison Demers:  She's so funny!  Putty.

Allan Camp:  See, I didn't get many dates when I was...

Mike Stacy:  I can't imagine why.

Kate Mulgrew:  I want to talk about your childhood Allan.  Oh talk about your childhood psychology.

Allan Camp:  Get on the couch here, I know.  There's something my son --- I have to go back to Voyager just for a minute ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Okay.

Allan Camp:  --- because I promised my son I would ask you this question, because he's a big fan of the show.

Kate Mulgrew:  What is his name?

Allan Camp: His name is Jacob.

Kate Mulgrew:  Jacob.

Allan Camp:  So Jacob wants to know, you of course when makeup on during the Star Trek, you didn't have to have the ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Prosthetics.

Allan Camp:  Oh, for heaven's sakes.

Kate Mulgrew:  No, I didn't.

Allan Camp:  How long did it take for Ethan Phillips to get into the Neelix ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Three and a half hours.

Allan Camp:  Oh.

Mike Stacy:   Wow.

Allison Demers:  Really.

Mike Stacy:  Yeah, but you went under all those hair changes in the first season before you got the cosmic bun.

Kate Mulgrew:  We try not to remember that, but you know what?  It's bad enough, six hairdos in one season.

Mike Stacy:  See, you didn't pay attention!

Kate Mulgrew:  Did they have a problem with a woman in the captain's seat?

Mike Stacy:  And you call yourself a Star Trek: Voyager fan.

Allison Demers:  I was going to say, it was bad enough you had to get into that suit.  Did you hold your breath?  Did you suck it in?

Kate Mulgrew:  No, no.  The suit was divine.

Allison Demers:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  No I didn't suck myself into that suit.  The suit was a dream for me.  It was the hair and that final little bun of steel making her conceivably the most unattractive woman.

Allison Demers:  No.

Kate Mulgrew:  And it's all because of the male psychology, which I understand now in retrospect, but at the time was disturbing.  They had such success with Patrick Stewart, before that, William Shatner, as the captain.  You can understand that.  Their male demographic is their strongest demographic.  Males, 15-30.

Mike Stacy:  Anybody?

Kate Mulgrew:  So of course, the pathology would be or should I say, psychology, here comes this woman, she's in this position, right?  She's running the ship.  She could conceivably be the mother to most of this male demographic.  So I had to dispel that.  In other words, I had to seduce them into a different kind of way.

Allison Demers:  Oh.

Mike Stacy:  Wow.

Kate Mulgrew:  Not in the Mrs. Robinson kind of way.

Allan Camp:  Okay.

Kate Mulgrew:  And that's why the business with the hair.  Right?  Because what happens is, all those guys thought, my God, I don't know if this is going to work and if it doesn't work, the franchise is hanging on this, what are we going to do?  So they target their concerns and their agitation into one.

Mike Stacy:  And they did very well with Seven of Nine.  That hit the 15-30 year old demo very, very well, let me tell you.

Kate Mulgrew:  Body solutions.

Mike Stacy:  Seven of Nine.

Kate Mulgrew:  And what was it?  Now may I ask you a question Mike?  What particularly was it about Seven of Nine that you liked?

Mike Stacy:  Her eyes.

Allan Camp:  Yeah.

Kate Mulgrew:  Her eyes?

Mike Stacy:  Oh, now wait a minute.

Kate Mulgrew:  All four of them.

Allan Camp:  Get right down to it here this morning.  Yes sir.

Allison Demers:  You're red Mike.

Mike Stacy:  No I'm not.


Allan Camp:  Kate Mulgrew, our guest here, as we're at Hartford Stage.  She's coming into Hartford.

Mike Stacy:  This is the first star you've actually gotten to meet.  You usually miss them and stuff.

Allan Camp:  Usually you just don't tell me when they're coming into town, you know, and I've always taken the right when you've taken the left.

Mike Stacy:  Two ships that pass in the night.

Allan Camp:  It's unbelievable isn't it?

Kate Mulgrew:  Is there a little rivalry here?

Allan Camp:  Why do you say that Kate?

Mike Stacy:  I'll tell you what it's like.  It's like two young boys.

Allison Demers:  They're, little boys, you know?

Kate Mulgrew:  How long have you two known each other?

Allan Camp:  I've been here --- I've been on the air here 12 years.

Mike Stacy:  I've been 11. So, 11 years.

Kate Mulgrew:  Are you great friends?

Allen Camp:  Yeah.

Mike Stacy:  Oh yeah.

Allan Camp:  You can't beat that.

Kate Mulgrew:  That's the end of that, ladies and gentlemen.

Mike Stacy:  Yeah, we are.

Kate Mulgrew:  Good.

Allan Camp:  But, uh, a couple more questions, of course you're here at the Hartford Stage the Tea At Five coming up.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yes.

Allan Camp:  A couple more Star Trek questions for you.

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, I hope they're provocative.  Come on Mike, you can ---

Allan Camp:  Yeah, we'll get Mike in some more trouble this morning.  We've always managed to.

Mike Stacy:  I've already gotten in trouble with Seven of Nine and I'm sure that Carol heard 'cause I know that since she has the radio on.

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh, she loves to get in trouble.

Mike Stacy:  Yes.

Kate Mulgrew:  All right.

Allan Camp:  So with everyone taking so long to get into makeup and all.  Three hours for Ethan Phillips and other people to get in too.  When you showed up, you said you got up at 4 o'clock in the morning.  You were on the set.

Kate Mulgrew:  4:30, yes.

Allan Camp:  What time were you on the set?

Kate Mulgrew:  On the set sometimes by six.

Mike Stacy:  Really?  We talked earlier this morning  and I always heard that doing a soap opera was very demanding.

Kate Mulgrew:  No.

Mike Stacy:  But this was really ---

Kate Mulgrew:  Of course my hindsight is 20/20.  I'm at an age now --- I mean I did that when I was 18 years old, that soap opera.

Mike Stacy:  Ryan's Hope was when you were 18?

Kate Mulgrew:  That's right.

Mike Stacy:  Get out of here.

Allan Camp:  You were just out of school in New York.  You had just jumped right into that right?

Kate Mulgrew:  I didn't finish school.

Allan Camp:  Yeah, but, you had -

Kate Mulgrew:  I dropped out and became a professional actress when I was 18.

Allan Camp:  You went to three colleges or something.

Kate Mulgrew:  No, I just went to NYU.

Allan Camp:  Oh, okay.

Kate Mulgrew:  My father doesn't know about this.  How are you doing dad?  What was the question?

Mike Stacy:  The rigors of the schedule.

Kate Mulgrew:   And you thought it'd be tough.

Mike Stacy:  Yeah.

Kate Mulgrew:  No.  Because a soap opera has a certain flexibility built in to it.  Do you understand?  It's sort of ad hoc.  It's very easy.  You come in, learn it.  You can act with impunity on a soap opera.  In Star Trek, on Star Trek I should say, for those seven years, I never had experienced a more rigorous discipline.

Mike Stacy:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  It's highly stylized and the writers are very specific.  To give you an example, if I had five pages in the ready room, let's just say I had a five page scene in the ready room, and I carried all of the dialogue and all of the technobabble and Lieutenant Tuvok had only to say, "aye Captain, but I think," right?  If he said, "aye, Captain, but I suppose."  Cut.

Allan Camp:  Oh no.

Kate Mulgrew:  It stinks Tim, let's go back.  Page one.

Mike Stacy:  Wow.

Kate Mulgrew:  All the way back.

Allison Demers: Very tedious.

Mike Stacy:  So you wanted to kill Tuvok?

Kate Mulgrew:  I used to get down on my knees.

Mike Stacy:  Where's the laser?  Don't set it on stun.

Kate Mulgrew:  I didn't mean that.  I didn't mean that about my darling Tim Russ, but I used to get down on my knees to continuity and beg them.

Allan Camp:  Wow.

Kate Mulgrew:  Please.   Nope, that's not it.

Allan Camp:  So technobabble is unbelievable.  Some of the…

Kate Mulgrew:  Well, you know all about those proton torpedoes.

Allan Camp:  All right, I said proton torpedo and she says it's a photon torpedo.

Kate Mulgrew:  A proton torpedo…

Mike Stacy:  Unbelievable.

Kate Mulgrew:  …I could take that out with a phaser, couldn't I?

Mike Stacy:  Yes, you could.

Allan Camp:  Protons.  So the average day ---I'm trying to move on here.

Kate Mulgrew:  So my average day is, first of all it wasn't a very privileged life.  It was a lovely life but I got up at 4:30.  I drove myself 45 minutes, an hour to Paramount Studios, which is very far away from where I live in Los Angeles.  In the make up chair by five, on set by six, rehearse, change and start to shoot about 6:30, and it's lucky this is Monday, right?  It got exponentially worse as the week wore on.  At the very minimum, I did a 12 hour day. It was not uncommon to do 16.

Mike Stacy:  But at least the food replicator made good chicken and cheese.

Kate Mulgrew:  No chicken.  No chicken.

Mike Stacy:  No chicken on the set?  Who'd they have as a caterer?

Kate Mulgrew:  Did you  ever take a look at that food?  Shameless little cacti.

Mike Stacy:  Yeah, I had a problem with you drinking out of square glasses.  Glasses shouldn't be square.

Kate Mulgrew:  I know.  I agree.

Allan Camp:  And so when the whole thing, you finished the day, you'd really had no idea what the show was going to look like because half the time you're standing behind blue screens, right?  You know, with the..

Kate Mulgrew:  No, no.

Mike Stacy:  It's real sets.

Kate Mulgrew:  That was all done in post production, most of those blue screens.   Or on the bridge.  No, I had a pretty good idea of what it was going to look like.

Allan Camp:  And do you like watching the show?  Yourself?

Kate Mulgrew:  I don't watch myself. I have to be frank.  I never have.

Mike Stacy:  See, that's different for me, because I take the tapes from the morning show and I listen to myself over and over and over again.

Allison Demers:  How are we not surprised?

Mike Stacy:  I love listening to me.

Kate Mulgrew:  Mike, come over here and sit down.

Allan Camp:  I'd like to pay for Michael's next session.

Mike Stacy:  Allan's been yelling at me for 11 years.  He says, could you possibly love yourself anymore Mike?

Allan Camp:  You know when it comes to standing in front of people, I always, I'm more introverted.  I have to really push go onstage and talk in front of people.  Michael says, get out of the way, I gotta be there now.

Mike Stacy:  I got on the stage at the Bushnell and I looked out at those 2700 people and say, man, this is what I was born for!

Kate Mulgrew:  You know what it's like don't you?  You're one of many children would be my guess.

Mike Stacy:  No, actually just two.  Myself and a brother.

Allison Demers:  Well, lets tell her how you entered the seminary…

Mike Stacy:  Oh yeah.

Allison Demers:  …and then decided to drop out.

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh, thank God, I thought you were going to say, entered the world.

Allison Demers:  No, he was going to be a priest.

Kate Mulgrew:  Were you?

Mike Stacy:  I had  my quiet years, yes.  My reserved years and then I blossomed after that I guess.

Kate Mulgrew:  Now this is fascinating.  Where and when did this take place?

Mike Stacy:  That was here in Connecticut at the St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield.  I spent most of my college years there, graduated from the minor theologate and was ready to go onto the next phase.

Kate Mulgrew:  How interesting.  You know my husband thought he had a calling.

Mike Stacy:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  Um hmm.

Mike Stacy:  I still hear that.

Kate Mulgrew:  Thank you…

Allan Camp:  But one kiss from Kate and the whole thing changed.

Mike Stacy:  There you go, just like my wife.

Kate Mulgrew:  How serious were you about this possible vocation?

Mike Stacy:  I had heard it since I was about five years old.  And I still hear it today.  So something will happen with it at some point when the Catholics decide to let priests marry. Hello Archbishop Daniel Cronin.  Hello.

Kate Mulgrew:  When the Catholics decide to get...

Mike Stacy:  I'm gonna get into a lot of trouble this morning you know that?  I know I am.

Allison Demers:  You're teaching Sunday school.

Mike Stacy:  Yes I am.

Allison Demers:  So he still does it.

Allan Camp:  You know I just realized I've lost control of this whole leadership experience.

Mike Stacy:  Yeah, the ship just veered left.  We're heading into a…

Kate Mulgrew:  We're talking about the church and sex.

Allan Camp:  We're speaking with Kate Mulgrew, our guest, and you can see her.  She's coming to Hartford Stage.  Coming up at Tea At Five.  This program kicking off on the 7th.  February 7th, get your tickets today.  You can call the box office today, it is open right now at 527-5151.

Kate Mulgrew:  Also for Letters From Tennessee, which is performing tonight and tomorrow night.  If you call today, you get one free.  So the box office is open, these are the letters of Tennessee Williams.

Mike Stacy:  Richard Thomas is gonna to be here in just a few minutes.  He'll be joining us.  Have you two ever met?  Have you met Richard Thomas?

Kate Mulgrew:   I have met Richard.

Mike Stacy:  You have?  Okay.

Kate Mulgrew:  Yes, I have.  I'm so looking forward to seeing him again.


Allan Camp:  You can go home now.

Mike Stacy:  We don't count at all.  It's the Kate and Allan show.

Allan Camp:  You better believe it here.  I think our chemistry is pretty good here this morning.

Kate Mulgrew:  No.  No.  We had wonderful chemistry.  Chemistry has been the theme of this morning's show, hasn't it?  Hasn't it Mike?

Mike Stacy: It has been.

Kate Mulgrew:  Do you want to make a remark about you know who before we wrap up?  Old four eyes?

Allan Camp:  Oh no, he's in enough trouble.

Mike Stacy:  I had no idea that Seven of Nine wore glasses.

Allan Camp:  Yeah.

Kate Mulgrew:  Oh here we go. Can't keep his finger off his sore.  I wanted to say before I leave, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Richard Thomas.  I wanted to tell him that I will be present tomorrow night to watch his inimitable performance in Letters From Tennessee. So Richard, beware.  He hasn't aged one second, has he?

Allison Demers:  He's a good looking guy.

Kate Mulgrew:  Good looking and very funny.

Allison Demers:  Yes.  I didn't want to say it while he was here, I felt funny.  Allan's like, stand next to him, get a picture.  Isn't it funny that I couldn't?

Allan Camp:  Oh shucks, it's the first time I've seen you blush.

Allison Demers:  I was like you with Kate.

Allan Camp:  There was no way I was moving out of this chair here with Kate this morning.

Kate Mulgrew:  I know.

Allan Camp:  No, no way.   Well, I just want to thank you for so much, it's been a privilege to have you with us this morning.

Kate Mulgrew:  It has been my great pleasure.  You're all marvelous.

Mike Stacy:  Oh thank you.  You're marvelous.

Kate Mulgrew:  I look forward to one day seeing you in a seated position.

Mike Stacy:  No, thank you.  I've been standing all morning.

Kate Mulgrew:  Allison, you have been so generous and charming.

Allison Demers:  Oh thank you.

Kate Mulgrew:  And Allan you've been marvelous.  Thank you, thank you very much.

Mike Stacy:  Do you still offer Allan the deal with the drink on opening night?  You're going to out for drinks?

Kate Mulgrew:  We made a deal and then some.

Mike Stacy:  Really?

Kate Mulgrew:  And I'll be making a private deal with you too Mike.

Mike Stacy:  Really?

Allan Camp:  That's right, because Mike's the hot one.

Mike Stacy:  I have proof.  I have the tape saved that has Kate saying that I'm a hottie.

Allan Camp: I know and this is going to come back again and again and never going to hear the end of this.

Mike Stacy:  You betcha.  Kate Mulgrew says I'm a hottie.

Allison Demers:  Wait, she has her glasses in her hand.  She didn't have them on at the time.

Kate Mulgrew:  Glasses?  Why, these aren't my glasses.

Allan Camp:  Kate Mulgrew in Tea At Five.  You can get your tickets at Hartford Stage.  Call for them at 527-5151.  Allan Camp urging you to make life easier, help a friend.

Allison Demers:  And enjoy your weekend.

Mike Stacy:  Now, before we go we are going to speak with Michael Wilson about the Letters From Tennessee and some stuff?

Allan Camp:  Yes.  We'll chat with him in just a moment.

Mike Stacy:  And then on Monday, more exciting things.  Not Kate, but we'll try to survive somehow.