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 Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Many Thanks to a Totally Kate contributor for recording the chat.

StarTrekChatGuy: Joining us now is Kate Mulgrew.

StarTrekChatGuy: Kate Mulgrew starred as Captain Janeway on ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. Welcome Kate!

 Kate Mulgrew: Thank you!

 StarTrekChatGuy: Do you have any opening comments for your fans?

 Kate Mulgrew: Yes, I do. I have lived long enough in this world and have been a professional actress certainly long enough to know that without these fans whose erudition and allegiance I have come to value and the very foundation of this privilege to do one’s best. I thank one and all.

StarTrekChatGuy: Sharon Lawrence was here earlier tonight and she is one of your biggest fans too. Here's our first question.

Question: Do you love what you are doing, or would you ever consider doing something else?

Kate Mulgrew: I very much love to act. Have always loved it from the time I was 12 years old. And I believe that when you fall in love with something as ardently as I fell in love with acting, you become quite focused and myopic about it. And it has been my great joy to love something this passionately and this long.

Question: Kate, in "Counterpoint" did you feel like laughing at that guy’s nose in "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" did you feel embarrassed? Also, do you have any advice for young performers? One more, how has Sept. 11th affected you in any way? Acting, etc.

Kate Mulgrew: I was so enthralled with Mark Harelik’s acting that I didn't have time to worry about his nose. Number two: In ‘Tinker, Tailor, Doctor, Spy’, was I embarrassed? I have never been embarrassed about anything that Picardo has done for me, but only wish that he would do it more often.

StarTrekChatGuy: Advice for young actors?

Kate Mulgrew: Yes indeed, I do. Discipline. It sounds shamelessly old fashioned. It is not. Discipline will lift you up and it will save you. I really believe that.


Kate Mulgrew: Happy Thanksgiving to you! It appears I am going to be in the next Star Trek movie. In which happily I will be ordering Captain Picard about.

 Question: When can we expect your autobiography to hit the bookstores and is there a way to find out about up-coming appearances?

 Kate Mulgrew: Upcoming appearances is easy. I'm doing a play in Hartford in February. A one-woman show based on the life of Katharine Hepburn called "Tea at Five" and that will run from February 7th through March 17th at Hartford Stage. And as for the conventions, I'm not quite sure since my husband is running for Governor of Ohio. The schedules are becoming quite complicated. But if they go to my official website which is called totallykate, they can find out exactly what I'm doing.

StarTrekChatGuy: You are chatting live with Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek: Voyager!

Question: Hi! This is Jen from the Adler Academy. I was wondering if you have considered teaching and ... Have you ever considered taking on a protégé?

 Kate Mulgrew: Adler Academy! How fascinating. Is this person referring to Stella Adler, my great mentor? No I was offered a teaching position at the Stella Adler in Los Angeles already. If this person who is asking the question is considering the position of protégé, we need to talk in the very near future!

Question: What are your plans now that Voyager is over? Do you hope that there will be a movie?

 StarTrekChatGuy: A Voyager movie.

KateMulgrew: My husband is running for Governor of Ohio, which as everybody knows is at least four years. Regarding the Voyager movie, it would be purely speculative on my part to hazard a response but I would say that no greater, no production company would be better served then they would be by the Voyager company.

Question: Kate, if you'd ever been given a chance to write a Voyager episode, what would it have been about?

Kate Mulgrew: Brannon Braga made a wonderful attempt at understanding Captain Janeway's loneliness. This I think should have been further explored. The more whimsical side, the more darker side, the very fabric of her being.

StarTrekChatGuy: You are chatting live with Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek: Voyager!

Question: What was your favorite episode of Voyager?

Kate Mulgrew: Well interesting that someone should have brought up ‘Counterpoint’ because I enjoyed every moment. But of course we're fondest of what we remember best. So most clear in my memory and most dear in my memory would be ‘Endgame Part I and II’.

Question: I've kinda come to a conclusion that most of the people I know that think Janeway rules the galaxy are teenage girls... so how do you feel being considered a Role Model for hundreds of teenage girls? How do you keep a good standard? -Erin

Kate Mulgrew: It's not hard to maintain a good standard when you know that you have the potential to impact not only the impressionable when they are young, but could conceivably help them to chart a course that is both excellent and enduring.

Question: Hi Kate, I just saw you recently at a convention in Dearborn Michigan.  My question is what did you miss most about Voyager since the series ended.

Kate Mulgrew: I miss my colleagues. I miss my friends.  I miss my partners in crime. I have always measured the success of my work by the friendships that I have taken with me. And in the case of Voyager, they were profound.

StarTrekChatGuy: We have heard there were many pranks on the set. Are the rumors true?

Kate Mulgrew: There were endless pranks. And my title to make this perfectly clear, should not be Captain Janeway, it should be Kate Janeway.

Question: What was it like for you and the other cast members to "get old" in the series finale ‘Endgame’?

Kate Mulgrew: What a good question. A moving question. And that is what it was. Deeply moving and strangely very real.  I loved every minute of that. And I might even say that I slipped into the skin of Admiral Janeway with a naturalness and a fluency that really surprised me.

Question: Would you like to interest as many young people in politics as you have in science??? -Jen

Kate Mulgrew: No question. If, and I emphasize if, their social conscience is rooted in goodness.

Question: How did you feel being the fist female captain, (I thought you were the best)?

Kate Mulgrew: You cannot imagine the privilege I have felt in playing this role. Not only because I loved her, which is the greatest gift an actress of my age can have, but because I think I had the opportunity to really influence, particularly young women regarding their career choices and I hope their character choices.

Question: Do you have a Captain Janeway Hallmark ornament hanging on your Christmas tree every year?

Kate Mulgrew: You know I believe there is one hanging on that tree. But mine is one of those funky trees. Decorated with the same silly childhood ornaments that my boys have been bringing home from school since they were 4. And those ornaments of course are more stellar than any action figure.

Question: I was at the Orlando Con, any chance you might want to sell that husband of yours? Wow! He is adorable!!!!!

Kate Mulgrew: No price, baby. No can do! This remarkable creature belongs to me.

Question: Hypothetically, if there were a rumour that an actress had signed to do four days of filming in a popular upcoming Science fiction film, do you think she'd be in more than one scene?

Kate Mulgrew: That's provocative isn't it? And I think we know the answer don't we. Although I think we should make this very clear to this person. That not only have I not read the script or received it, I don't know what I'm doing in this movie.

Question: Kate--I just love your work! Where is the best place for your fans to write to you?

Kate Mulgrew: Paramount, I suppose. And on my website. And I have a wonderful woman who takes care of my fan mail. I want to make this clear. The mail is read by me and appreciated by me, but unfortunately I cannot answer to every piece of that mail, but I respond to letters that I feel that demand an immediacy. It's a very difficult thing.

 StarTrekChatGuy: Her website is:

 Question: Do you feel type cast by Star Trek?

Kate Mulgrew: I'm sure I am type cast by Captain Janeway. But I can think of no finer way to be stigmatized, than to be forever remembered as this remarkable woman. Whose courage and humanity so clearly surpass my own.

 Question: Hi, I've watched Voyager for a while. I'm a fan of the Borg, and have seen ‘Unimatrix Zero Part 1’ (I'm still waiting to get the tape for Part 2) and I have a question. What was it like to wear one of those Borg costumes for that episode?

Kate Mulgrew: I have always enjoyed being a consummate actress, the costumes. But I would have to say, that in the case of the Borg, I was very grateful that it was limited.

Question: If you could sit a bunch of Voyager fans in a room and ask them anything, what would you ask?

Kate Mulgrew: Are you Democrats? Do you live in Ohio and are you registered voters? Then I would go to, who do you love and why? And do you believe in life after death?

Question: Hi Kate what is your favorite acting genre i.e. comedy, drama, etc.?

 Kate Mulgrew: I would have to be honest here and say that drama is my preferred milieu. But I think now at this point in my life it's because it has come easiest to me. And it's now time to challenge myself on other levels, i.e., comedy, whimsy and music.

Question: I know your husband is running for Governor. What do you think about being First Lady of Ohio should he win?

Kate Mulgrew: Surpassed only by being First Lady in the Captain's chair. I would be so proud to be at his side.

Question: Saw you recently at convention in Philadelphia. Do you enjoying doing conventions and signing autographs?

Kate Mulgrew: I very much like to interact with the people who are so passionate about Star Trek. They fascinate me. And in fact, they lift me up. And as for signing autographs, I can believe it can be fairly stated that I have left no one unsigned. Nor should I.

Question: Aloha from Kauai Kate! Do you feel that through the years you have been a role model and do you feel your portrayal as Janeway has sent a message that women can do anything they set their mind to?

Kate Mulgrew: If I had sent that message, I can certainly think of no finer contribution. And if it is true, I would happily do those seven years all over again, only better.

Question: Do you enjoy coffee as much as Captain Janeway?

Kate Mulgrew: Unfortunately, I do, although I cut mine with cream.

 StarTrekChatGuy: Kate, what are you most thankful for this holiday season?

Kate Mulgrew: My husband. This opportunity to share a life with someone so remarkable, whom I admire really beyond words.

StarTrekChatGuy: Kate, thank you so much for joining us this evening in AOL Live. Any final thoughts for your fans tonight?

Kate Mulgrew: I would wish all of them a reflective Thanksgiving. And I would say to them something very, very true. That of all of the fans I have ever encountered, I have never seen their like for current and allegiance. And I thank you all.

StarTrekChatGuy: Thank you all for joining us this evening in AOL Live.

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