Throw Momma From The Train
Starring: Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Anne Ramsey, Kim Greist & Kate Mulgrew (Margaret)
1987 - Comedy - PG-13
Owen (Danny DeVito) is a momma's boy with a very strange Momma (Anne Ramsey): she's a cross between Quasimodo and the Wicked Witch of the West, and Owen's spent a lifetime making her meals, cutting her toenails and getting crunched by her cane. Then, one day, along comes Larry (Billy Crystal) ...and Owen sees the path to possible salvation.

Larry's having female problems of his the form of an ex-wife (Kate Mulgrew) who's really done him wrong. So, taking his cue from a Hitchcock thriller, Owen suggests they swap murders. After all, what are friends for? He'll murder Larry's lying, loathsome, conniving ex-wife--if Larry will only send Momma to her maker.

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