LIVE! with Regis 
 & Kathie Lee
May 16, 1996
Transcript courtesy of  Saffron. 
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Regis: Ok, our next guest plays Captain Kathryn Jamesway on TV's Star Trek Voyager. Last time she was here was exactly one year ago today. How 'bout a nice welcome for Kate Mulgrew!

[Kate enters]

Kate: Janeway!

Regis: What did I say?

Kate: Jamesway!
Regis: And what is it?

Kate: Janeway.

Kathie Lee: I'm sorry. What am I gonna do with him? What am I gonna do with him?!?

Kate: Janeway.

Regis: What did I say? Jamesway?

Kate: Jamesway.

Regis: Alright! I got Kate Mulgrew right, didn't I?!?

Kathie Lee: It's part of his charm, he doesn't know my name.

Kate: It is part of his charm.

Kate: It's good to see you guys...the quintessence of New York.

Regis: Really? We are?

Kate: Yeah.

Regis: This is it, huh?

Kate: Immediately uplifting.

Regis: You broke out the good pearls, today, huh?

Kate: You like 'em?

Regis: Not bad. Not bad, lady, yeah.

Kate: [To Kathie Lee] You're the arbiter of taste on this show, though. What do you think?

Kathie Lee: I think you look smashing. I remember when you were here before, I thought, I'd never seen a thinner-hipped woman.

Kate: She's changed her mind.

Kathie Lee: No! No, but clothes just drape on you.

Kate: Thank you.

Kathie Lee: Yeah, but last time you were here, you were overwhelmed a little bit with the work schedule because of your children, then I read that you've been taking, like, long on your hiatus, you take a...

Kate: A long vacation?

Regis: A long vacation?

Kate: What constitutes a long vacation. That's before I ever got this job.

Kathie Lee: Oh, it didn't make that clear.

Kate: This job is a way of life. A long vacation is six days in Mexico.

Kathie Lee: Wow.

Kate: Yes, it's hard. It is irreconcilable, this conflict with the children. I talk to working women and I say "I think the very best that I can do is be passionate about the work, be honest about my passion for my work, share that with my children and hope that they have the good fortune to handle [it]."

Regis: And so, how do they handle it?

Kate: I'm home as much as I can possible be. But I have to reinforce with what I just said, it's honesty. I think we're often tempted to be very guilty, "Mommy doesn't want to go to work." Well, Mommy can't say that. This Mommy wants to go to work.

Kathie Lee: You're enjoying it.

Kate: Yes. I say "Kids, you know, it breaks my heart, I miss you, but I adore going to my job." It's a great privilege at this time of my life to play this role.

Regis: [to Kathie Lee] Remember that, Miss.

[audience laughs]

Kate: Why? Do you have a guilt problem?

Regis: No guilt at all, but she loves being here with me.

Kathie Lee: No, but I understand it very well.

Kate: [to Regis] She would prefer...I would prefer to be with you.

Regis: But she's just here for an hour.

Kate: You are only here for an hour?

Regis: Well, I'm sorry. I take that hour and 2 minutes.

Kate: What time do you get up in the morning?

Kathie Lee: I get up at six.

Kate: ...and you're here until when?

Kathie Lee: 7:30. I live in Connecticut, which I understand you would love to do. Your dream would be to have a little place in the village or live in Connecticut.

Kate: How did you find this out?. This is a newly, conceived dream.

Kathie Lee: It's a great dream. It's a wonderful dream.

Kate: My dream has always been the same because I'm a New Yorker in my heart and I miss it.

Kathie Lee: And you miss the stage as well.

Kate: I miss the stage terribly, so the ultimate dream is, when this is finished, to come back here, farmhouse in Connecticut or upstate New York within train distance from the city where I will have a pièce de terre. This time I think in the village instead of the upper west side.

Regis: Yes, the village.

Kate: ...cause I always lived in the west side...I do my

Kathie Lee: May all your dreams come true.

Kate: Thank you.

Regis: But in the mean time, Miss, it looks like you ain't gonna get that for a long time 'cause this show is still an enormous hit.

Kate: That's just fine.

Regis: What a hold this Star Trek thing has had on the American public, ya know? When you think about it, between the movies and the books and the TV series...

Kate: It's an extraordinary legacy.

Kathie Lee: Well, it's a great idea and if it weren't done beautifully and very well, it wouldn't have lasted very long.

Kate: Believe me, Kathie Lee, excellence is the order of the day. I've never worked this hard in my life. It is arduous and it is so rewarding.

Regis: And you don't have to put any make-up like the rest of them do, right? Those things coming out of their head?

[audience laughs]

Kate: I couldn't do it. I jump out of the chair as it is.

Regis: How do they do it...four hours in the chair before they even start to act?

Kate: They slip into little comas of their choice. I mean, it's very bad.

Regis: Now you have a season finale coming up Monday night?

Kate: I do, yeah. Are you gonna tell us about the clip?

Regis: No, you're gonna tell us about it.

[Kate & Kathie Lee laugh]

Kathie Lee: It says "She will set up..."

Kate: The season finale, which is called Basics, Part I, I think this is the cliff hanger. I think the clip we're about to see is, uh, Commander Chakotay approaching me in the ready room and I don't know if any of you are familiar with his romantic hi-jinks with Seska, my arch enemy. Evidently, the product of this is a child.

Kathie Lee: That wacky guy...

Kate: Shall we pursue Chakotay's child, the issue of my enemy, or shall we not?

Regis: Mmm, all right, roll it, Star Trek:Voyager finale, right here.

[clip from Basics Pt. 1]

Chakotay: I have a duty to this crew. I can't just leave and go looking for the child.

Kathryn: And I'd never consider letting you go into a Kazon-Nistrom stronghold by yourself. If we do this, we do it together. [pause] That's something else Seska would know too.

Chakotay: Do you think it's a trap?

Kathryn: Do I think Seska is capable of manipulating you and me with this? Oh yes.

Chakotay: On the other hand, it was time for her to deliver...and that baby we saw did look part-Cardassian and part-Human.

Kathryn: And knowing Kullah, I'm sure his pride was wounded when he realized the child wasn't his. It makes sense, Chakotay. It might all be true.

Chakotay: Still, the safest thing would be to ignore this message and resume our course.

Kathryn: I'm not going to resume our course just yet. I want you to think about this, Chakotay. It has to be your decision.

[clip ends]

[audience applause]

Kathie Lee: It ain't easy being the Captain.

Regis: It ain't easy being Chakotay, ya know.

Kate: It isn't easy being a good-looking man.

Regis: It's hard to believe that you're going 100,000 miles an hour. [Kate & Kathie Lee laugh] All right, the finale, Kate Mulgrew, Monday night on UPN. Robert Urich is up next.