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April 26, 2001
Many Thanks! to a Totally Kate contributor for the transcription
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Rosie:  For the last seven seasons our next guest has been serving at the helm and protecting her crew as Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star TrekVoyager.  Take a look:

A clip from the most recent episode 'Friendship One' was shown.

Rosie:  It always makes me happy just to see her. Please welcome back to the show Kate Mulgrew!

Kate enters, and she and Rosie embrace affectionately.

Rosie:  How are you Kate?  Good to see you.

Kate:  More to the point, how are you?

Rosie:  I'm all right, thank God, I'm okay. Yah.

Kate:  Is that the truth?

Rosie:  That's the truth.

Kate:  I was so worried about you.

Rosie:  I have a little I.V. for a few more weeks but it's going to be okay.

Kate: You know you're the sort of person who needs to be hospitalized in order to get some rest.

Rosie: Yes.  That's the truth. That is the truth.  I just think that things happen for a reason –  God was saying slow down a little bit, kid.

Kate:  We talked about this the last time.

Rosie:  Yah, that's right.

Kate: Can I say this? For one second? You need to. You over extend. You constantly do. (to the audience) She is the single most generous public personality I know.

Rosie: Oh well. I always think that everything is going to be easier, you know what I mean? I think that everything's easier than it seems. Like can you do this? Sure!

Kate:  And you can't fight your nature. Your nature is to give.

Rosie:  Yah.

Kate:  But you've got to. I mean God is telling you…

Rose: Yes. But I'm okay. Thank goodness.

Kate: You look good. Your hair looks marvelous.

Rosie:  Do you like it? It's a little longer.

Kate: Yeah, I like! That was a very moving segment, Hope Meadow. Can I have that book?

Rosie:  Yes you can.

Kate: What an extraordinary…

Rosie:  It's an amazing place.

Kate: Rosie, this is a wonderful thing to get involved in.

Rosie:  It really is.  And you know these are kids… there are a half a million kids who are in foster care in America, and only a hundred and forty one thousand licensed foster homes.

Kate: Yeah…

Rosie: That means that there are over three hundred thousand kids living in modern day orphanages. Only it's… no one knows, in America. We really have to do something.  We have to do something to fix it.  The systemwas set up so that orphans, war orphans, would cared for by other people, not orphans of the living.

Kate:  Maybe you could help the lost boys of Sudan.  Do you know what's happening with the lost boys of Sudan?

Rosie:  No…

Kate: There are all looking for foster care.

Rosie:  Are you kidding?

Kate: There are fifteen thousand Sudanese boys who were, who had such suffering … and they're here now, and they're looking for foster care.

Rosie:  They're here in America?

Kate: Yes and they're trying to be …

Rosie: They're trying to be placed…

Kate:  …Assimilate in this society. It's very very hard.

Rosie: Let me tell you, that ? She is an amazing woman. She is a professor at the University of Chicago, and she came up with this whole idea. She is a phenomenal phenomenal woman.

Kate:  The goodness of people… weren't they good?

Rosie:  Yes, Kenny's in the audience. I'll introduce him to you later.

Kate: Yes… I'd like… Wonderful, wonderful.

Rosie:  Now it's great to see you. I'm sad but happy that the show's going off the air.

Kate: Me too. Can you imagine how I feel?  I cannot figure it out.  I'm so conflicted Rosie.

Rosie: Yeah…

Kate:  I have such mixed emotions about it….

Rosie:  Because it's been such a great run.

Kate:  And the Captain.  The first… and the last… female captain. You know…

Rosie:  Right!

Kate:…it's been great.

Rosie:  Right. Now what made them decide it was time?  Do you know?

Kate:  Seven years seems to be the lucky number for this franchise. That's what it was for the Next Gen, that's what it was for Voyager, and I'm sure it will be for the next… they're in production for another series… do you believe that, for another series already.

Rosie:  Well the fan base is unreal.

Kate:  But the Trekkers…. Yes, unreal. Rather daunting.  But I think that I… it's going to take me a long time to adjust to this.

Rosie:  Right.

Kate: It's one tenth of my life. Right.

Rosie:  Exactly.

Kate:  And I really immersed myself in it Rosie.

Rosie:  Right.

Kate:  And I became deeply fond of her.  It's a great thing at my age, which we will not divulge on this programme, to have a role, a character who you really love.  And over the years this love affair got stronger and deeper, so it's going to be very hard for me to say good bye to her.

Rosie:  Do you have planned what you're going to do?  Are you just going to take a break?

Kate:  I'm allegedly married!

Rosie:  I know you are. I've met your husband.

Kate:  Did you not meet my husband?

Rosie:  I did. He's adorable.

Kate: Yes, and I should tell you my brother fell madly in love with you.

Rosie:  Did he?

Kate: He's waiting for you for the rest of his life.

Rosie:  Is he here?

Kate:  He's coming today.

Rosie:  Oh, good, well maybe we'll have dinner.

Kate: I have to address the marriage, and be present to it. He has made Herculean sacrifices to accommodate this marriage in the last two years. I have my sons, who are still getting through high school, and my friendships. You know Nancy?  Very very important to me.  And I think it's very crucial now in my life that I take a deep breath, become a little reflective and just reassess who I love and what I want to do.

Rosie:  And are you going to come to New York?  I assume…

Kate:  I took an apartment in January! I'm here! I'm here!

Rosie: Yes.  I assumed you would be here.

Kate:  And I'm so happy.

Rosie:  Now it's going to be … people are going to forever… like I forever see you as Mary Ryan.

Kate:  I know you do.

Rosie:  And now on the… do you know they're rerunning them?

Kate:  On the Soap… something?

Rosie:  Yes!  The Soap Opera Network! I love it!  Are you kidding me? I'm taping on my Tivo.

Kate:  A woman said to me at the market a month ago: "I'm so glad Mary Ryan grew up to be Captain Janeway!"  I said "you're off by about four centuries, but it's okay, it works!"

Rosie: Well somebody said to me, one of my friends who didn't watch it when it was on, you know, she called me up… "What's going to happen with Mary and Jack Fenelli?"  I said, "Uh Oh don't you even ask!"

Kate:  Don't you think it's extraordinary the impact that soap had?

Rosie: You know…

Kate:  And Mary Ryan on my entire career.

Rosie: Yes…

Kate: It's what I get all the time Rosie.  Far more than Captain Janeway.

Rosie:  Even when I watch Star Trek, I still go… I get a little smile and think "There's my Mary Ryan."

Kate:  There's really Mary Ryan.

Rosie:  Exactly!

Kate:  She's just kidding in that space suit.

Rosie:  She's only playing around! Just an acting role for a few months.

Kate: Right.

Rosie:  But I think it's because Ryan's Hope really was realistically… like the family was like relateable…like sometimes on soaps everyone's too perfect. You know, but like Helen Gallagher…

Kate: She's saying… we were all sort of funny looking! Basically…

Rosie: Oh yeah!  Come on… you're hardly funny looking.

Kate: It was a very real Irish Catholic family.

Rosie: Like Bernard Barrow and Helen Gallagher.  They were such the typical mom and father.

Kate: I think the way it depicted heroism was very moving and poignant to people.

Rosie: Yah.

Kate: She was very very flawed, Mary Ryan.  But she was good.

Rosie: Yah.

Kate: You know, a heart of gold.  And a lot of nobility. And it just moved people.

Rosie: It really did.  And Jack being raised by the nun in the orphanage.

Kate:  (Laughing) She knows everything!

Rosie:  I know everything.  It was my favourite show.  It was before VCRs.  I used to cut out of school.

Kate:  I know.

Rosie: But that time, when he asked you to marry him on a Friday and you didn't say yes…

Kate:  You?  You cut out of school?!

Rosie:  Every Wednesday. My…

Kate: Great academic that you are….?

Rosie: Kate. Kate… can I tell you the truth?

Kate: Yes…

Rosie:  I cut out one day a week my entire high school career. On the weekend I would decide.  Wednesday? Or Monday? Monday would be more suspicious.  Wednesday!

Kate: Well if we're trading stories about this can I tell you the truth?

Rosie:  Yes!

Kate: I came to New York. My father thought I was going to NYU. Never attended a class.

Rosie:  Really!?  That's what I like to hear!

Kate:  High five, baby!  (they 'high five' one another!)

Rosie: That Irish chutzpah! We're going to be back with a new quiz for Katie and see if she can win you things….

(Commercial Break)

Rosie: We're back with my favourite Kate Mulgrew and we're going to have a little Trekkie Trivia game…

Kate:  Oyyyyy….

Rosie: And you guys all get to win this commemorative Star Trek pin. Right there (Rosie holds the pin up to the camera) for every one…

Kate:  A comm badge…ohhh…

Rosie: Collector's edition…(turns back to Kate) Now do you know all about your own show? Come on now this could be embarrassing.

Kate:  I suspect I know a reasonable amount.

Rosie: Yah.

Kate:  Come on.  Let's give it a shot.

Rosie:  If it was Ryan's Hope trivia I would totally win.

Kate: You would.  You would trounce me.. in that field.

Rosie:  Give me Delia's full name.

Kate: Ry… Delia… Ummm… well she married my brother so it’s Delia Ryan…

Rosie:  Right. Go ahead - Delia what? Give me her maiden name.

Kate:  Ohhhh….(turns to the audience) give me a little help out there somebody…

Rosie:  I'll give you a little hint. "R".  Delia R.

Kate: (looks stumped! Ed.) I can't…..

Rosie: Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge.

Kate: Oh…God…

Rosie:  You don't know anything about your own life! Give me 45 seconds on the clock.  You get seven right in 45 seconds, the audience wins this(the badge) and because I'm in a good mood, a Rosie tee shirt as well.All right.  Are you ready?

Kate: I'm ready!

Rosie: All right Janeway.  Here we go.  Which alien race has survived a horrible plague by harvesting organs from alien races?

Kate: The Vidiians.

Rosie:  How did you know that?  How many decks does Star Ship Voyager have?

Kate: 15.

Rosie: Oh my lord.  What state is Captain Janeway from?

Kate: Indiana.

Rosie:  That's three.  What class star ship is the Voyager.

Kate: Intrepid.

Rosie: Oh my Lord.  What does E.M.H. stand for?

Kate: Emergency Medical Hologram.

Rosie:  What is the name of  Captain Janeway's dog?

Kate:  Molly.

Rosie: What is Captain Janeway's fiancé's name?

Kate: Mark.

Rosie: Oh my Lord.  Keep going. (audience is cheering) Wait! When do Vulcan males go through Ponn Farr?

Kate: Seven…Every seven years.

Rosie: What was Seven of Nine's name before she assimilated to the Borg?

Kate:  Annika Hansen.

Rosie:  What is the life span of the average… Acopapahhh?

Kate: Ocampan. 15 years?

Rosie: Haaa!  Nine years! One wrong! But they still win.  You all get everything. The season finale is going to be good.

Kate: Very good.

Rosie:  They're tying up everything?

Kate: It's unbelievable.

Rosie:  The season finale…

Kate:  It's Janeway and Janeway.

Rosie:  Janeway? It's a big Janeway?

Kate: It's a double whammy in every sense of the word.

Rosie:  Okay.  It's on May 23rd. Two days before my son's birthday. Don't forget to tune into it. Star Trek: Voyager.  Wednesdays, nine p.m.and look for the season finale. You -  I love.

Kate: I love you too.

Rosie: We'll be right back….

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