My Trip To 'The Royal Family'
By Elaine Mulligan

Many Thanks to Elaine for sharing her report!

I saw Kate in The Royal Family and I saw her twice!

I saw the show Friday night April 16th and again on Saturday at the matinee - 3rd row center both times.

Anyone who likes the theatre should see this show. All the actors were top notch. There was plenty of laughs and quite a bit of melodrama. For the Kate Mulgrew fans her suitor in the play plants a terrific kiss on her that causes her voice to go even huskier than it already is (which gets a big laugh from the audience).

Kate and Marion (Seldes) are the leads and both have comic and dramatic moments. Marion's character has a dry sarcastic wit (it reminded me of the John Gielguid role in the move Arthur). Kate's character is softer but she has one of the two funniest scenes in the play - she does a complete melt down into histrionics that is laugh out loud funny. She has a great character to portray. I liked the show and her performance.

The stage set was sumptuous and the clothes were gorgeous. I didn't know Kate Mulgrew was a hat person but they had her in two super hats and she looked fabulous. She is in fantastic shape. Her character is 39 years old and Kate did not look a day over 40. I was in the third row center. Let me tell you, she has flawless skin and fantastic athletic legs, which you see quite a bit of as she has a very energetic performance that keeps her on the edge of chairs and sofas throughout the show.

Her character's brother Tony was outrageous! He has a wonderful sword fight with the physical trainer that extends from one end of the stage to the other, upstairs to downstairs - I just held my breath with excitement.

I had read in one of the reviews that the sound was not balanced during the previews. By the time I went it was perfect.

I hope anyone who has a chance to catch the show will make the effort - there is nothing like live theatre.

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