Daylight TV 
October 1976
Behind the Scenes at Ryan's Hope
Mary Ryan’s (Kate Mulgrew) wedding to Jack Fenelli (Michael Levin) was traditional in every outward respect, but that was only superficial ritual. Under the surface brewed an unconventional marriage of spirit between two people who will never conform! The formal mid-June church ceremony fulfilled all the rules custom required. The bride wore white, to symbolize purity, but, of course, Mary and Jack had become lovers months before. The taping of the Fenelli wedding was as offbeat as the characters involved.

The sizzling weather matched the heat put on Jack to go through with the marriage. Doors were opened wide at Manhattan’s St. Benedict Church, to relieve the stifling temperature inside. Despite construction drilling outside, hours of takes and retakes, endless delays (even a fuse blew!) the actors tried to keep their cool. Cosmeticians constantly retouched melting makeup—but when it came to saying, “I do,” Jack’s heart melted for Mary—and the wedding went smoothly to all outward appearance on homescreens!

Sitting down on the job! Kate Mulgrew and Michael Levin nearly kneeled at the alter but changed their minds and instead faced another endlesss delay. Father McShane (John Perkins) conducted the service.
It's unorthodox to eat in church, unless it's a Eucharest wafer - or a cast lunch break! Earl Hindeman (rear) sat behind the wedding guests and enjoyed a private toast!
All the way to Manhattan's St. Benedict Church, Kate Mulgrew was singing "Get Me to the Church On Time." Passersby thought they were watching a Rhoda retake!
Those "last minute touches" went on all day long as cast did takes and retakes. The stifling mid-June heat caused unexpected problems - like Ilene Kristen and other actor's melting makeup!

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