TV Topics
August 7-13, 1982
Soap Opera Report
By Jon-Michael Reed
An in and out business is the soap world. Cast changes happen so fast it’s sometimes hard to recognize your favorite character because the face has quite literally changed to someone completely unrecognized. They come and they go and they come back and they go again.

 The late lamented Mary Ryan on “Ryan’s Hope” is being ‘resurrected’ for dream sequences with her still-alive and kicking husband, Jack. Kate Mulgrew, the incomparable original Mary, shot scenes last week on the set of her former series. While visiting New York pals, Kate announced she’s engaged to Robert Egan, an associate artistic director of the Seattle Repertory Theatre, where Kate has spent the last half-year in acting residence. The couple will be married in Kate’s hometown Roman Catholic church in Dubuque, Iowa, this week.

 Mary’s dream sequences will air in early August.

**Webmaster note - this storyline was postponed and didn't air until Spring of 1983.