Soap Opera Time
December 1976
Soap Opera Family Series
The Story of the Ryans

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Meet the Ryan clan: Johnny (Bernard Barrow), Maeve (Helen Gallagher), Mary (Kate Mulgrew), Pat (Malcolm Groome), and Frank and wife Delia (Michael Hawkins and Ilenee Kristen). 
There was no air-conditioning in the west side Manhattan church where Mary Ryan's wedding was videotaped, and the temperature rose to 110 degrees under the lights. Kate Mulgrew, Bernard Barrow, Helen Gallagher and Michael Hawkins all did their best to keep from wilting. 
Kate Mulgrew wore a dime in her shoe as she walked down the aisle on her TV wedding day. It's an old Irish custom. The dime was donated by Ryan's Hope headwriter Claire Labine.
Michael Levin portrays Jack Fenelli - a crusading reporter who constantly locks horns with the Ryans.
Bernard Barrow comes to the role of Johnny Ryan after a memorable stint on The Secret Storm. 
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