Ryan's Hope
Spring 1983
For new viewers who may just be discovering Ryan's Hope on cable channel, SoapNet, the following transcript of Kate's appearance on Ryan's Hope in 1983 contains spoilers!
Soap Opera Magazine
Oct. 28, 1997

Daytime’s 100 Greatest Moments

#55 – Ryan’s Hope

Mary Comes for a Visit – 1983

The character of Mary Ryan, and the actress who played her, Kate Mulgrew, left an indelible mark on Ryan’s Hope. Since recasts rarely work, only Kate Mulgrew would do. So in 1979, the character was tragically killed in a car accident. Friends and family grieved for the woman who played such an important and special role in their lives.

Four years later, Mary was still a crucial part of her family’s lives, especially that of her widowed husband, Jack Fenelli (Michael Levin). He was falling in love with a woman, and fought it tooth and nail. As long as he held on to his grief about his deceased wife, he could go on. What scared him most was letting himself be vulnerable again. Jack was stubbornly fighting his own will, and then Mary appeared to join in on the fight. 

Kate Mulgrew returned briefly, to help Jack finally come to terms with his loss and get on with his life. In a number of well-written scenes, Mary appeared to her mother, Maeve Ryan (Helen Gallagher), as well as to Jack. Jack’s internal struggle was waged for all to see, as he discussed, argued and laughed with his deceased wife. Each scene was incredibly moving, and the superb writing was enhanced by exceptional performances by the actors. Their last scene, in which Jack was finally able to let go, was heart-rending, and by the time he whispered his final “goodbye” to Mary an audience was reduced to tears.

Lead up to Mulgrew's return
Jack explains La Boheme to Mary.
Mary in Ireland.
Mary and Jack kissing and picnicking in the park.
"Visions of Mary haunt Maeve and Jack...a different kind of love story..."
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