Ryan's Hope
Spring 1983

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Scene VI
(Jack getting ready for a romantic evening with Leigh is opening a bottle of wine. Hes happy, singing to himself, turns and sees Mary sitting at the table.)

Mary:  Not so sure you want me to be around this evening, huh?  That's good.

Jack:  You ought to know, you've drunk enough.  House wine...

Mary:  I wasn't referring to the wine, you fool.  I meant it was good that you weren't so sure you wanted me around. 

Jack:  What is this?

Mary:  You're nearly there.

Jack:  I don't know what you're talking about.

Mary:  You're ready to to let go of me, Jack, and that's what I want you to do.

Jack:  I've already done that.  I didn't have much choice.

Mary:  Not about my death, neither one of us had much choice about that.

Jack:  Mary if you're asking me to stop missing you, or wanting you.  If  I'm supposed to forget you, how do I do that, Mary?

Mary:  That's not the real question.

Jack:  Yeah.  What is?

Mary:  How can you be happy?  How can you feel so much when I'm dead? The answer is, you're alive.  And when you're alive you feel pain, joy, anger, hope, love.  You're in love so you're happy.  You'll be happy for hours, even days and then you'll think 'I can't do this.'  Try it.  The grieving is safe and familiar.  It's what this connection is all about.  It's what's keeping me here for you.  The only thing that is present is the grief.  The rest is gone, and when the grief is gone, you're afraid I will be too.

Jack reaches out and grabs Mary's hands. 

Jack:  No.

Mary:  You were the best thing in my life and I was a wonderful part of yours.  But you have more.  You have so far to go. 

Jack:  Mary.

Mary:  Jack, stop.  Please stop. ..... Let go.....  Let go.  Let go now.  (Jack slowly slides his hands from Mary's)  I'll love you always..... and I'll be with you always..... but you're free.

Jack silently:  Goodbye.

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