Ryan's Hope
April 1986
For new viewers who may just be discovering Ryan's Hope on cable channel, SoapNet, the following transcript of Kate's appearance as Moira on Ryan's Hope in 1986 contains spoilers!
In April of 1986,  Jack (Michael Levin) and the late Mary (Kate Mulgrew) Ryan Fenelli's 16 year old daughter, Ryan (Yasmine Bleeth), eloped with Rick Hyde (Grant Show). With her father, Jack, and Mary's brother, Frank, on their trail they arrived in a little town called Greenvale. The townspeople there were celebrating their centennial and a decree had been issued that everyone would dress and behave as the townspeople had 100 years ago. For this reason Ryan & Rick were "arrested" and thrown in jail. When the townspeople learned that the couple only wanted to get married the Mayor of Greenvale offered to marry them himself and the whole town celebrated their wedding. Without any family present Ryan had been thinking a lot about her late mother who died when she was two and wishing she could be with her. As Ryan prepares for the ceremony a woman named Moira comes to help her.
Scene I
(Moira knocks at door.)

Ryan:  Yes.

Moira:   (Opens door.)  Hello.

Ryan:  Hello.

Moira:  May I come in?

Ryan:  Oh, I'm sorry, yes.  Didn't I see you before up at the window?

Moira:  Yes, you certainly did.  My name is Moira, and you're Ryan ---Fenelli.  And I know all about you.

Ryan:  How?

Moira:  Rick is out there giving your entire life history to the mayor.

Ryan:  Oh, um...is everything okay with the license and the blood test...

Moira:  Absolutely.  For the next 24 hours Greenvale is committed to doing everything exactly as it was done in 1886, although it was a lot less complicated to get married a hundred years ago.  Ironing on the other hand is a different matter.  Louisa is presently in the kitchen heating up a flat iron.

Ryan:  Maybe I should go help.

Moira:  No.  She's wonderfully happy.  Look.  Here's your petty coat and your camisole.  Oh, aren't they lovely.

Ryan:  Oh, they're beautiful.  You know my grandmother can hand sew like this.  It amazes me.

Moira:  Tell me what I can do for you.

Ryan:  Could you stay a while?

Moira:  Oh...of course.

Ryan:  Are you from Greenvale?

Moira:  No, I'm here for the celebration, but you are a long way from home.

Ryan:  Yes.  It sure does seem that way now. 

Moira:  Why?  Are you having second thoughts about the elopement?

Ryan:  Oh, no.  No.  It's the only way to settle this thing.  My father, he's um... he's really impatient about me and Rick.  It's just that...

Moira:  It's just that what?

Ryan:  I love my father very much.

Moira:  That sounds like a nice arrangement.

Ryan:  And I want him to be happy for me.  I just don't think he will. Maybe he can't.

Moira:  Why not?

Ryan:  My father's a very lonely man.  No, maybe not lonely, but um...alone.  Isolated.  Maybe most of the time he wants it that way, because he's a writer.  He's a wonderful writer.  Maybe you've heard of him, Jack Fenelli.

Moira:  Yes.

Ryan:  My mother was the first person he ever let get close to him.  She died when I was very little, and since then I've uh....

Moira:  You've been very important to him.

Ryan:  I've just begun to understand that.

Moira:  And you're afraid that he won't ever be able to share you with anyone else.

Ryan:  Maybe.

Moira:  Trust him Ryan.  He loves you.  You can depend on that, but he's afraid and I understand it perfectly.  A moment ago, you were a child and he could make your world and everything in it safe and happy and fine and good.  And then over night what did you do to the poor man? You grew up.  With no warning.  Without permission.  Without mercy.  And in the most terrifying way.  Too soon.  Boldly, marvelously you threw your heart over the moon and went sailing after it and he is dying of pride.  And he's dying of fear.

Ryan:  I don't want him to be frightened.

Moira:  Then you have to make him understand that you can be responsible for your own happiness because that's all he really cares about.  He needs to know that you can love yourself, take care of yourself, and make yourself safe.  And that Rick is an essential part of that for you, now and always.

Ryan:  I've tried.

Moira:  Try again.  Try harder.

Ryan:  I guess that's what loving someone is all about.

Moira:  Yes.

Ryan:  You must have had an impossible father who loved you very much.

Moira:  You have described him perfectly.  Now, don't you think it's time we started getting you dressed for your wedding?

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