Ryan's Hope
April 1986
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Scene III
Moira:  Now, what shall we do with your hair?

Ryan:  Well, Rick gave me a ribbon.  It's green.  He thought it would make my grandmother happy.

Moira:  That's exactly right.  My mother used to love wearing green. Not only because she's Irish, because it's the color of hope.

Ryan:  Oh, we know all about that.  My grandmother sewed green ribbons all over my mother's wedding gown.

Moira:  Well, there you are, with your fine green ribbon, in the town of Greenvale, in the green month of April, marrying the man you love.  It all sounds very hopeful to me.

Ryan:  It does to me too.  I miss my grandmother.  I wish she were here.

Moira:  I'm sure she does too.

 Ryan:  And my mother.  I didn't want to say anything to Rick, but I've missed my mother so much on this trip.  We stopped last night because of a storm and just off the road there was a little church and I went inside for a few minutes and said my prayers, and  I started thinking  about my mother and talked to her.  When Rick finally came to get me, the rain had stopped, and just over the field, far off into the sunrise was the most beautiful rainbow.  I thought my mother had sent it, (Moira begins to cry) and it was just then that I was certain that she was guiding my way.  She meant for us to come here.
 Moira:  Mothers always seem to be around when you really need them.

Ryan:  I wanted her so much to be a part of my wedding, and you've made me feel so much like she was here.

Moira:  Oh, Ryan.

Ryan:  Have I always known you?

Moira:  Why do you think it feels like that?

Ryan:  Why?

Moira:  Think of all the things we have in common.

Ryan:  Impossible fathers, weak ankles.

Moira:  And green, the color of hope.

(Moira takes off the bracelet she is wearing and puts it in Ryan's hand. Later Ryan's father tells her that her mother had a bracelet like it.)

Ryan:  Oh, I couldn't take your bracelet.

Moira:  It will give me so much joy if you will.

Ryan:  Then thank you.

Moira:  I wish you courage and hope and love always.  Now you need some flowers, honey.  I think I saw a lilac bush outside the inn door.  I'm going to cut you a branch and Louisa will bring you your dress.  Ryan, you are going to be the most beautiful bride.

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