Get Us to the Church on Time
Soap Opera Digest
September 1976 
Note: Photo captions are exactly as they appear in the magazine. Kate is credited as Katherine Mulgrew in the photo captions. 
Katherine Mulgrew (Mary Ryan) is getting a last minute touch up from concerned Ryan's Hope staffers. 
Katherine Mulgrew (Mary Ryan) seems unusually calm and relaxed considering her soon-to-be new status of Mrs. Jack Fenelli. 
"Having a wedding?--let us help you plan etc." The ads offer assistance to prospective brides and their families. But imagine the help needed for a wedding witnessed by thousands. The Ryan's Hope crew was at St. Benedict the Moor Church on time--before sun-up in fact. The cast arrived shortly after. Hours of preparation went into the proper lighting of the church, the bride's dress--make-up and all the hundreds of little details that kept everyone scurrying around and around and around. 

     Part of the wonderful fuss of preparing Mary for her bridal debut was the attention to details. 

     Aside from her traditional wear--Mary had a dime in her shoe--thanks to Claire Labine and her wedding! While Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer were working on the wedding script, Claire remembered her own wedding in 1958. And her dime in her shoe! It's an old Irish tradition and we're sure Mary Ryan (Kate Mulgrew) loved every minute of it. Even her Irish lace veil is steeped in the Irish Tradition! The handmade veil was supplied by a women living in Carrickmacross; a small town in Ireland, famed for its lace. 

     Also an Irish tradition are long and happy marriages (like Maeve and Johnny), we all wish Mary and Jack the same success. 

The Ryan's Hope clan and the new Mrs. Fenelli are almost all smiles. Is that Earl Hindman (Bob Reid) in the second row pining away for his lost love?
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