Oct. 1976

Ryanís Hope
Jack and Mary Are Wed!

After a turbulent courtship they finally stopped battling and walked down the aisle!

Well, itís finally happened. Jack Fenelli, the man who made Mary Ryanís heart pound, first with rage but eventually with passion, has finally made her his wife. Who would have thought, considering the bad blood between Jack and Johnny Ryan, that they would ever make it to the chapel. But make it they did, and for the sake of his daughterís happiness, on this one day Da Ryan managed to swallow his pride and give his daughterís hand to the man he loathes. The folks at Ryanís Hope spared no expense in making this wedding one of the most lavish and realistic ever seen on daytime TV. In fact, the ceremony, which spanned four episodes, was filmed on location in a New York church. Hope their marriage is less rocky than their courtship!

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