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Episode 23
Original Air Date: August 6, 1975

Ed tells Mary there is too much fluid in Frank's lungs and they will do a tracheotomy.  He reassures Mary that it is a minor procedure and there is no danger, but she had better step outside as he does it.

Bob tells Mary he's talked to Captain Reubin as she makes a phone call to tell Johnny and Dee what Dr. Coloridge has said.  Johnny is glad Mary is there.  Dr. Coloridge tells Bob and Mary they got some of the fluid out of Frank's lungs and he is a little better.  Mary asks if other people have been this sick and recovered.  Dr. Coloridge says they have.

Mary tells Bob that Frank is a fighter and if anyone can beat this, he can.  The greatest gift Frank ever gave her, she says, was teaching her to look out for herself.  Bob tells Mary she always was a cocky little kid.  She tells him a story about a girl named Helen who bullied her after school on the corner of Broadway and 155th.  Frank pumped Mary up so that the next time, instead of avoiding Helen, Mary marched right up to her.  They both said hello and Helen never bothered Mary again.  Bob talks about how good Frank has been to Dee and him.  Frank is going to make a great councilman.  All he has to do is wake up.

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