Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 001
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Original Air Date: July 7, 1975

Mary waves to friends as she walks down the street and into Ryan's Bar.  Once inside, she tells the family she has been to the printer's and picked up Frank's councilman posters.  The family admires the poster and hangs one over the bar.  Mary enlists one of the bar regulars to arrange for Frank to speak at the sanitation worker's picnic on Labor Day.  Mary wonders if anyone has heard from Frank and makes a few phone calls in hopes of finding him, then goes into the kitchen.

As Mary wonders where Frank is, Jack Fenelli tells Johnny he'd like to arrange an interview and needs some background information.  Mary is leery since Jack has written columns critical of the police department in the past, but she agrees to talk with him.  They get coffee and sit down.  She fills him in on how Frank got involved in running for council and satiates him with heroic Frank stories.  Jack is cynical and asks about deals Frank has made.  Mary insists Frank doesn't make deals.  She doesn't want to continue the interview because she feels she is being set up.  Jack bates her and she decides to continue trying to make Jack understand what a wonderful person Frank is.

An upset Delia comes into the bar claiming to almost have been run over by a taxi.

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