Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 16
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Original Air Date: July 28, 1975

Mary begs Frank to stay awake.  Frank says pushed again and Mary asks if he was pushed down the stairs.  He goes back to sleep.  Roger and Nell come in and Mary tells them it was as if he knew where he was and what was happening.  Mary goes to tell Maeve and Johnny what has happened.

At the bar, Mary runs into Bob and tells him that Frank was awake and said push.  She tells Bob they are taking x-rays to see if Frank has pneumonia.  Bob asks if anyone else heard what Frank said and advises Mary not to tell anyone yet.  They agree that they both knew he was pushed, but don't know who would do it, or why he had the money in his pocket.  Mary decides there is no point in guessing, that when Frank wakes up again, he'll tell them.  She's sure Frank is getting better.  Bob warns her to be prepared for the possibility that Frank won't get better.  She knows he is trying to help and asks Bob to go to the hospital while she tells Maeve and Johnny that Frank was awake.

Maeve and Johnny are happy and relieved to hear that Frank woke up.  Mary tells them that Ed Coloridge made her promise to tell them not to get their hopes up.  Maeve wants to go see him, but Mary advises them to wait since Jill and Bob are both there and Ed doesn't want everyone there at once.  Dee joins them and Mary tells her Frank woke up and asked for her.  Dee runs out of the bar.

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