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Episode 402
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Mary comes in from work, says hello to Jack and lies down on the bed, telling him the show went all right.  She asks if he is feeling better. "Not about us, if that's what you're asking," is his reply.

She says that at least they've both calmed down and she'd like to go over what's been happening with them.  Mary insists that neither being marooned with Alex, nor his calling Roger Coleridge were the issues, the issues went much deeper.  She knows he can't risk his life by having the surgery too soon, and she'd never be unfaithful to him.  She supposes they are both insecure enough at this point to need lots of reassurance.

Jack informs Mary the key issue is the marriage, and tells her that he has seen Father McShane about an annulment.  According to church laws, he tells her, he has committed fraud by marrying her without telling her he didn't want children.  Mary asks him what Father McShane thought of annulment and Jack concedes that McShane had married them, and didn't want the annulment, but wanted him to see a specialist about corrective surgery, not understanding that the problem was Mary's pregnancy.  Mary insists that the impotency has given Jack doubts that she loves him enough to stay with him, but Jack doesn't think their marriage has ever worked.  He won't turn into the man Mary wants or needs.

Mary insists they are still learning, but Jack refuses her thoughts telling her that what she means is she still believes he'll change, and he won't.

"What you want, what you need is a certain kind of husband, somebody who values a family and children the same way you do.  Someone who shares the same beliefs in life as you do."

"You are that man."

"I'm not, and I know that more everyday I stay in your father's house."

Jack tells Mary it's more his mistake than hers and he can undo it, but she says she'll never believe he wants an annulment; it's the accident that's doing this.  He hates the condition he's in, not the marriage. Jack tells Mary he'd like to make her happy, and he's sorry he is not right for her.  They need to be smart and end it.  Mary pleads that she still wants to talk, but Jack asks her to leave him alone for a while.

Da finds Mary alone in the living room and asks if she wants her supper, then inquires about how Jack is.  In a heated discussion, Mary tells him he did a great job.  Da says he didn't mean to hurt her, and she asks him when he's going to figure out that when Jack hurts, she hurts. Because Da went after Jack, he got both of them, and they might never recover.  She congratulates him that Jack's bought his annulment suggestion.

He tells her he wasn't trying to be destructive.  Mary retorts that he doesn't have to try; he never used to be vicious like that.  He says it's like an impulse.  She informs him that his 'impulses' may have cost her everything she wants in this world.  She wants Jack and her and their child to be a family, but thanks to him, Jack's considering an annulment.  At Da's regretful expression, Mary asks him to at least be honest about it; he's delighted.

Since Da doesn't figure things could be worse between he and Mary, he reminds her that while he never liked Jack, he was the one who drug him by the scruff of the neck to the alter.  He just wants to spare her pain.  Finally he offers to apologize to Jack, but Mary insists the best thing for him to do is stay away from Jack for as long a possible.

Da agrees to stay away, but tells Mary she should face facts, as long as they are into the annulment.  Mary cuts him off, telling him she isn't into it.  Da points out that Jack doesn't want the baby she's carrying, but Mary holds her own, telling Da that doesn't mean a thing.  Da insists on pushing it further, saying that Jack never wanted to marry Mary and she should just let him go.

Mary insists that she will not let Jack go, nor will she continue to listen to him.  Jack is her husband, and they will get through this horrible time.

Frank interrupts to tell them that Delia has finally agreed to give him a divorce, and he's on his way to the Dominican Republic.  He should be back by the end of the week, a free man.  Delia joins them and signs the necessary papers to give him the divorce.  Da offers to drive Frank to
the airport.  After they leave, Mary tells Delia that she's sure agreeing to the divorce hurt, but she thinks Dee did the right thing, and that it was generous of her.

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