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Episode 417
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Jack has the divorce complaint drawn up, stating grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment along with a summons for Mary to appear in court.  He decides to take them to her himself.  The lawyer tells Jack she'll be surprised if Jack can convince Mary he wants the divorce; he hasn't been able to convince her.

Mary is in the living room going through her purse when Jack arrives with the papers.  She is happy to see him, but he tells her it isn't a social visit and he didn't want to explain over the phone.  Mary assures Jack she's glad to see him.  See likes being with him and wants to be with him all the time; one of the reasons she wants to stay married to him, she says.

Jack tells her he has to talk to her about the annulment and asks her not to make it any worse than it already is. Mary says she will make it just as horrible as she can.  When Jack asks if he can sit down, she tells him not to talk about the annulment.  On the other hand, if his back hurts, he can take a chair.

They sit and Mary asks what he's been up to.  Jack tells her he's been to the chancery and talked to Father Richards, who will be getting in touch with Mary.  Mary will like him, Jack tells her, but Mary says she loathes him.

Father Richards has told Jack he has grounds for annulment, provided he can come up with two witnesses who remember Jack talking about not wanting children.  Mary tells Jack he doesn't have two witnesses.  Jack thinks he does and tells Mary that even though he has grounds for annulment, he can't start the procedure until he's filed a civil divorce suit.  He's gotten a lawyer and had the papers drawn up, he explains.

Mary wants to know on what grounds he plans to divorce a faithful wife who is six months pregnant.  Jack tells her the papers say cruel and inhuman treatment.  He's hoping she'll have sense enough not to contest it, so that the divorce can go through as quickly and painlessly as possible.


"As possible."

He tries to hand her the papers and tells her to sign them to show they've been received.

"You know what you can do with that?"

"Now look Mary, be reasonable.  I don't want to send a server..."

"A process server is reasonable?  It's reasonable to sue me for divorce on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment?  You're being reasonable when you ask me not to contest it?  You're not reasonable, Fenelli; you're crazy."

"I'm serving you with a summons."

"No, you're not, darling.  You're taking that summons and getting the hell out of here.  I will not sign anything.  I will not cooperate."

Mary goes to the door, telling him she won't do anything to suggest their marriage isn't good and valid, or that she doesn't love him and want to stay married.  Jack yells that she is stubborn and determined to be right.  She's going to kill both of them trying to prove she's right. Before she slams the door, Mary tells Jack if he thinks this is stubborn, just try to divorce her.  Then he'll see stubborn.

After Jack leaves, Mary talks to Frank.  She asks him to tell her Jack isn't going to get away with it.  What Jack really wants is her all to himself, but he's too dumb to know it, she says.

Frank suspects that Mary is right, and while it's up to the judge, Frank doesn't see how Jack can prove cruel and inhuman treatment.  They both laugh when Mary points out she did talk him into living with Da for a couple of months.

Frank tells Mary he will represent her.  They sit down and Frank asks her if she's sure she wants to contest this divorce.  What if it turns out that Jack means it, he asks.  If Jack can convince her that he really doesn't want her and to share his life with her, she answers, she'll let him have his divorce.  Until then, she adds, he's in for a fight.

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