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Episode 421
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Mary takes the summons she tore in half to Frank's office.  She tells Frank it accuses her of cruel and inhuman treatment, then tosses the papers on Frank's desk.  Mary tells Frank that when she refused the papers when Jack tried to give them to her, she was hoping that would shake him up a little and he'd hold off a while.

Frank tells Mary he saw both Jack and Jack's lawyer today.  'They're going to pound away at me until I cave in, aren't they?' Mary asks. Frank agrees, but assures Mary he told the lawyer she hadn't seen stubborn until she'd seen Mary.  Mary is delighted and thinks everyone should have a lawyer for a brother.  She asks what they're going to do now.  Frank tells her either glue the papers back together or contest it.  He tells her contesting the divorce will mean the start of a long battle unless one of them has a change of heart.

Mary will have a change of heart, she says, the day Jack convinces her he doesn't want her.  As long as she thinks Jack is just working on some crazy impulse to hurt himself she can't give up on him.

Frank reminds Mary that without Mary's consent to a civil divorce Jack can't get an annulment.  'So we just fight week after week?' she asks. No, Frank answers, they hold on for a while, but Mary wants to know how long is a while.  She wants to be close to Jack when the baby is born. She wants him to go through the delivery with her.  She explains the LeBoyer method to Frank and tells him she thinks if Jack could be there when the baby comes, it would make all the difference in the world. He'd find out being a father was natural and would stop being afraid Jack would let himself want her and the baby.

Frank thinks her instincts are right.  Mary comes up with a plan to get Jack involved, and tells Frank that she'll let him know if it works.

Mary goes to Jack's apartment.  She tells Jack he can't go much further with the divorce without her consent, and informs him that maybe they can work out something.  She has a deal to offer, but it isn't what he expects.  She needs a certain number of hours with him.  They will be spent in natural childbirth classes.  He will be in the delivery room.  In return, she'll give him a divorce the day after the baby is born, if he still wants one.

Jack would rather make it fast and clean.  It was hard enough to walk out on her the first time.  It will be even harder three months from now he tells her.  But, he says, he won't change his mind.

In that case, Mary says, she'll lose and she will stick to her end of the bargain.  Jack agrees to think about it, but he won't like it.  She asks him to come see some tapes with her.  Jack thinks it is a bad idea.

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Episode 422
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