Ryan's Hope
Mary's Story
Episode 430
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Mary visits Frank at his office.  She shares half her candy bar with him as they joke about how they both feel worried and sorry for themselves. They discuss Pat and Faith for a few moments, then Frank asks about Jack.

Mary tells Frank that she got Jack to watch about three minutes of the LeBoyer birth video before he stormed out of the office yelling about manipulation.  He isn't going to be at the birth, Mary says.  Jack plans on full steam ahead with the annulment, but she doesn't plan to make it easy for him.  She's still determined that he will face her every step of the way.  She wants him to know what he's done to her, to them, and if she gets a chance, she wants him to know that she still loves him.

Frank tells her that he has cut himself off completely from Jill.  He wishes he and Jill were still together, but is convinced it won't happen.   Mary has decided, she tells Frank, to ask Maeve to help her with the natural child birth and Frank supposes Seneca will be with Jill.

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