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Mary's Story
Episode 447
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Mary comes in on Dee who isn't feeling well.  She accuses Dee of still getting her beauty sleep.  Even though Dee thinks she is having a miscarriage, she protests to Mary that she has a terrible cold and Maeve had sent her up to bed. Dee doesn't want anyone to know she may be having a miscarriage since the baby is the reason Pat is marrying her.  Maeve has been taking care of Little John ever since, Mary tells her.  Unfortunately Maeve isn't available any more. Mary has been taking care of him for the last hour but at eight months pregnant running after him has tired her out. Besides Maeve has to go with Mary to her LaMaze class.  Dee asks if Kevin can watch Little John. Mary says he watched him all day yesterday but he may if Dee asks him. Mary won't ask for her. Mary brings Little John into Dee's room and tells her to take care of her son, then leaves.

At the hospital, Jack gets the name of a doctor from Clem who may be able to help him with the by-pass operation.  After getting the information, he runs into Mary and Maeve.  Mary tries to talk him into going to a natural childbirth class with her.  Jack tells her he won't.

Maeve leaves Jack and Mary to talk.  Mary tells Jack that Father McShane didn't mean for Jack to have the operation before he was ready.  Jack says he's going to do what he has to do to get the annulment.

The baby begins to kick.  Mary puts Jack's hand to her stomach and tells him that is a foot or elbow.  He asks if it hurts.  Mary says no, but whoever the person inside of her is, he or she certainly seems to want to get out.  She keeps telling the baby if it will just be patient, everything will work out.  Jack says he's sure it will.

The way Mary sees it, the baby will be born trying to pick a fight. He'll be stubborn and opinionated, unwilling to share his own space. The baby kicks again and Mary tells Jack it certainly seems unwilling to share space with her.  Jack says maybe Mary will be lucky and the baby will take after his mother.  Mary doesn't mind if the baby is difficult to deal with; she knows someone who is the same way.  She just wishes she won't have to manage all that temperament by herself.  Possibly for a lifetime.  Mary tells Jack that she believes in all that 'til death do we part' stuff.  Jack insists that the annulment will take care of that.

No, Mary says, she might just sit around the rest of her life waiting for Jack to be with her and their baby.  Jack doesn't want her to do that, or to need him like that.  Mary tells Jack it isn't needing; it's loving. She doesn't need him like Delia nees Pat.  She is capable of having a life of her own, but she wants to be with Jack.

Suppose, Mary says, Jack has the surgery and it is successful.  Suppose she has the baby and it is wonderful and good.  How can Jack justify going through with the annulment?  Jack tells her he will figure out a way, then gets into the elevator and leaves.

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