Paramount: Behind the Screen
        During the month of October 2000, Paramount asked world famous photographer-videographer Norman Seeff to shoot and interview our stars in a  series of "sessions" that are the trademark of Norman's remarkable career.

        From The Rolling Stones to Ray Charles, and from Carly Simon to Talking Heads  and The Band, Norman has produced some of the most memorable images on  record. In fact, Premiere Magazine recently cited his rock'n'roll photographs in its  list of top ten collectibles.

        You'll see some of Norman's Paramount sessions in the following pages and more  in the weeks to come. The video will be shown at NATPE. Somewhere between  now and then, we think you'll understand why we're so excited about the shows we put on the screen...and the stars whose amazing talents stand behind it.




Kate: The strength and authority that I play is not all true....

 Sessions: Of you?

 Kate: Of course not. I have great vulnerability.

 Sessions: You can still have strength.

 Kate: Far greater strength.

 Sessions: You've brought that into the show.

Kate: I've tried.

All of the above is from the page on the right which was part of a 14-page advertising supplement by Paramount  inserted in television trade publications. 
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