They Started on Soaps
August 2003

Voice Over:  Nineteen year old Kate Mulgrew had no intention of pursuing a television career when she auditioned for the new soap Ryan's Hope.

Kate Mulgrew:  Everything was about the theater then.  So when I walked into the studio at ABC and there were three cameras, I just said 'well you guys will have to tell me what to do because I don't know anything about this.' 'Well, look here, look there.' 'Okay, can I go? Can I go, because I have another audition.'

Voice Over:  On the same day, Kate landed two leading roles.  One on stage, the other as the first Mary Ryan.

A clip from Ryan's Hope with Kate as Mary Ryan is shown.

Over another clip from Ryan's Hope (of the wedding of Mary Ryan and Jack Fennelli):

Kate Mulgrew:  I'm the only actress in the history of daytime television who slept with only one man, and he was my husband.  She's a leader, and audiences just fell in love with her.  I think I grew up, and Mary Ryan grew up with me.

Voice Over:  From soap fans to Trekkies, Kate developed a different, but equally devoted following when she was cast in Star Trek: Voyager as the first female star ship captain ever. (Pictures from Star Trek: Voyager are shown during this segment) 

Kate Mulgrew:  I thought it was like a cartoon.  It was science fiction.  It was something I didn't know anything about.  Well that all changed, didn't it?!

Voice Over:  Seven seasons later the show went off the air, and in 2003, Kate went back on stage (a clip from Tea at Five is shown) in the production of Tea at Five