If you read the June issue of Soap Opera Digest you know that Kate is dating one person seriously. For an evening out with her young man and for a look that remains natural without fading under artificial lights, Kate blends 9-Hour Eye Polish in 9-Hour Brown over her eyelids to accent the eyes. Her eyebrows are brushed and Cover Girl's Moisturizing Cover Stick in Light is smoothed on over the brows to make them appear more prominent. Kate could use Cover Stick to hide her freckles, but she prefers not to. Her eyelashes are made full and feathery with a Plushbrushing of Long 'N Lush Mascara in Lush Black Brown.
     A rich but transparent gleam of Bare Berry LipSlicks replaces the softer daytime shade and Kate's makeup is ready to take on the most unflattering night lights and come up a winner. Michael restyled her hair for evening by freeing it completely and brushing in deep waves. 
     Kate surrounds herself with a cloud of eau de cologne, and as she does, another of her conversational comments comes to mind. It is a remark that seems appropriate to the subtle changes in her appearance from no makeup to day makeup to evening makeup. "When you experience a transition from girlhood to womanhood, " she said, "you find out what kind of person you are."
All Makeup: Cover Girl
Hair Stylist: Michael Visentin of The Reapers, New York
Final Net Invisible Hair Net in a non-aerosol dispenser by Clairol
Zen Eau de Cologne Spray by Shiseido