Photo by Frank Marchese 
    American Repertory Theatre
The Hartford Stage Production of
Kate Mulgrew 
"Tea at Five"
by Matthew Lombardo
directed by John Tillinger

September 8th to 22nd, 2002

World Premiere performance February 13, 2002 at Hartford Stage

Kate's take on Kate striking, but this is weak cup of `Tea' 
Boston Herald 
September 11, 2002 
At ART, Mulgrew is toast of 'Tea' 
The Boston Globe 
September 12, 2002 
Curtain Call
September 13, 2002
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The Standard-Times
Tea with Kate Mulgrew's Katharine Hepburn 
September 16, 2002
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September 2002
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Tea at Five Review
September 2002
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Cleveland Production Information
Hartford Stage Production Information
Tea at Five at the Promenade Theatre

A Revised Boston “Tea”
Tea at Five freshly brewed for Beantown
Late August 2002
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Kate on Kate 
Kathryn Janeway has Tea at Five with Katharine Hepburn 
The Boston Phoenix 
 August 25, 2002 
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Kate meets Kate 
In a one-woman show, Kate Mulgrew takes on the agitation, fear, and legend of Katharine Hepburn 
The Boston Globe 
August 25, 2002 
A star’s trek to Hepburn 
The two Kates — Mulgrew plays Hepburn at ART 
Town Online 
August 27, 2002 
Kate's in control: Mulgrew plays Hepburn with her own brand of feistiness 
Boston Herald 
August 30, 2002
A star for all ages 
Kate Mulgrew was lucky in having a solo show about Katharine Hepburn written for her by playwright Matthew Lombardo 
BayWindows OnLine 
September 5, 2002 
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 Kate Mulgrew Has Tea in Boston 
Playbill On-Line 
September 8, 2002 
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