Our 25th Anniversary with Kate Mulgrew and "Tea".
By Helen Traicus

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My husband, Ted, and I decided to fly down to West Palm Beach (we are from Toronto, Canada) as part of our 25th anniversary celebration. It was a wonderful opportunity to escape the cold, snowy Toronto weather, and being Voyager fans, a chance to see Kate in "Tea at Five." (I do not know if the play will ever come to Toronto.) 

We purchased the Alzheimer Benefit tickets because we knew that it was a cause that is close to Kate's heart and wanted to support her. The afternoon began with a wine and cheese reception. The play itself was phenomenal. Kate is an amazing actress. She received the quickest standing ovation, from the entire audience, that I have ever seen. (We are avid theatre goers)  

After the play, a "high tea" along with some entertainment was held in the lobby. We were then called in small groups to meet with Kate on stage. She is the most gracious woman I have ever met. She was thanking us for coming and asking if we enjoyed the performance!!! All I wanted to do was thank her profusely for all the joy and entertainment that she has brought into our lives.

Kate could not believe that we had come all the way from Toronto to see her. She even surprised us by naming one of the major theatres in Toronto. However she got really excited when I told her that it was also our 25th wedding anniversary. She yelled out into audience "get these people champagne!" (We did get some wine and a Caesar later on). Then she said that she had an idea. She told us to kiss and that she would stand up between us.  

Photo ©Prints Charming Photography
My husband and I did not realize why the people in the audience were laughing as we kissed until we saw the picture and Kate's expression. I could have talked to her for hours if possible however our time quickly was up. She hugged both of us and again thanked us for coming. After she met with the rest of her guests she came out into the lobby and said good-bye to everyone. 

I have to truly say that it was one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life.    
Many thanks to Helen & Ted Traicus for sharing their story!

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Kate Mulgrew hosts "Tea" party to benefit Alzheimer's Association