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The Real Deal
Las Vegas, Nevada
Saturday, August 3, 2002

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There was much applause and laughter throughout Kate's presentation.  Once again, the printed word cannot convey the facial and body expressions, as well as the humor and goodwill that Kate generated during her forty-five minutes on stage.  Ed.

Announcer:  Here's Kate!

Kate Mulgrew:  Thank you.  Is my mother-in-law all right back there, though?  Always my first concern, is my mother-in-law.  For one reason.  She's an inveterate gambler.  Eighty-two years old and fourteen children later, she's here in Vegas.  Ada, I want to make sure you're comfortable.  Adam, will you make sure.  Great. Bring her out.

How are you?  What a great pleasure to be here.   I want the truth.  How many are here for this event, or to you know what?! Cha-chung (Kate imitates pulling on a slot machine)!

Stop!  This has been an extraordinary year.  This was supposed to be the year of my extended holiday.  Right?  Seven and a half years in the Delta Quadrant.  Thought I'd take a little rest!  Fell in love.  Got married – to a man who lives in Cleveland - just add a little spice to the mix.  And he said to me, "I promise you a very simple life.  We'll move to the country and raise chickens.  But first I think I'll run for Governor of Ohio."  In that same week, I undertook an endeavor which has borne extraordinary fruit.  One of those great surprises, not unlike Janeway.  I undertook the one-woman show – life of Katharine Hepburn. (applause) Thank you.  Which had an incredibly warm reception in Hartford, Connecticut, and I really must say this - thanks to you. I have never seen anything like this show of allegiance - support from around the world.  People came to see this… there you are ladies… see there they are.  The most remarkable fans in the world.  And so smart.  So sophisticated.  They segued immediately from Janeway to Hepburn and didn't blink, right?

Audience:  No, you did that!

KM:  Oh, I did that! I went there. That was a little temporal anomaly. Yes.  So I'm taking the Hepburn show to Cleveland, while we're undergoing my husband's campaign, which is very interesting.  Very interesting!  I tell you I am going to be in an absolute coma when this is over.  Nobody works like politicians.  Actors do not work like politicians. This poor guy.  I mean he was so handsome, so cute, so buoyant, so amusing when I met him.  This morning we both stood in the kitchen at five thirty. "Got the toast?" "No." "Got the coffee?" "No." "Who walked the dog?" I don't know, I don't care." "Bye." "Bye."  I said "Ah… what a remarkable love affair."

This race is really heating up.  I believe that my husband, Tim Hagan will be the next Governor of Ohio.  (applause)  Thank you.  And if you really care about Janeway, and if you really love Voyager, you will of course move to Ohio… He's remarkable.  I'm very proud of him, very proud to be his wife, proud to be a part of this.  So it has been non-stop.  It's really unlike anything I've undertaken before, and I doubt that I will have the stamina to do this again.

My game plan is to take Hepburn to Cleveland, then on to Boston, then into New York, pending the results of this election in November.  Of course … pardon me?

A:  Come to Phoenix.

KM:  Come to Phoenix?  With the Hepburn show?

A:  Please!

KM:  I don't know.  I had to promise a gentleman last week that I'd go to South Africa.  Can I do a matinee in Phoenix and an evening in South Africa?

It's been wonderful.  I miss… her (points to video screen behind her).  I miss that character.  I watched that video for the first time.  Let's not talk about the hair!  It is too extraordinary – what they did to my hair!  Whenever I meet Patrick Stewart I just say "On your knees and kiss my…feet!"  I said, "You never once had to go through this nonsense!"  How many hairstyles in one season?  Ten!?  And every time there was a difficult story line they'd change the hairdo.  Every time I got too close to Chakotay they'd cut it off!  When they didn't see me with a male officer for three or four episodes they'd put on a long wig.  I finally said, "I think the viewers understand that I'm the captain of the ship.  Let me try to do this with normal hair."  And then we took off.

What I really miss, which I've said a million times and I'll say it till I die, are my friends – every single one of them on Voyager – some, probably more deeply than others – this is just the way life goes. Two of them coming in this afternoon, I believe.  My darling, darling Robbie McNeill and Roxann Dawson.  And I'll tell you why. When you work with people in Hollywood, over an extended period of time, you are inclined to presume something about their character.  Because Hollywood is such a fascinating place.  It can be, as you know, a place of power and greed, and a place that could be inclined to fracture ones character.  Well I got people in this company who are unparalleled in their goodness.  From the practicing Catholics – Miss Dawson, Mr. Picardo to the atheists – we won't name them here!  To a man they have not only remained my great friends, but I was absolutely startled to see the extent of their support and allegiance in my husband's campaign.  They are all coming to Cleveland for an event that I am hosting on the 24th, on their own dime, on their own time, because they love and believe in my husband and I have to assume, because they care about me.  So I think if I have to say one thing about doing a series that had this much character to begin with, and this much guts, it was that I have now eight great friends for the rest of my life.  This cannot be said, can it, very often?  Particularly when you're doing a one-woman show!  How many friends can you make?!  They are wonderful.  And I hope you greet them just as warmly as you've greeted me. They're just… they're just great.  This gets me emotional.

I miss the laughter. I miss the absurdity.  I miss the naughtiness. And they were very, very naughty!  It's terrible.  The men got me this fast.  I walked on that bridge and I thought 'there will be no nonsense here.  I'm going to stand up straight, they're going to figure it out, who's the boss.  I will be respected.  My privacy will be respected, there will be nothing…' Within two days – what was I being?  Everybody knows!  Spit balled.  Bottoms were being exposed to me.  In case I forgot the face.  Seven long years of midnight on the bridge.  With the boys.  They were merciless. Merciless.  Not that Roxannn was any better but…  They were wonderful. What I've always said about these conventions is – and I've done a lot of press lately for the campaign and the play and everything else – is that I like to talk to you.  I have found after Voyager ended, not during, for some strange reason – I think I was so totally immersed in the work that I didn't have the opportunity – but I have since… I have found you to be the most engaging group of people.  And one on one, really singularly fascinating.  There is a keen intelligence.  It's not just about science fiction.  And it's not just about science, it's about humanity.  Unless I'm very far afield, and I do not believe I am, I think that the viewers – the people who really have followed Star Trek, and particularly Voyager have a longing to believe that Roddenberry was right.  And why shouldn't he be right?

You know, I walked into the whole thing not really curious about science.  I was an actress - that was it.  And preferably a dramatic actress.  Didn't want to hear about science fiction, I didn't understand the genre, it was highly stylized…I didn't know what the stories were, where was the laugh, where were the small children… well I've learned.  Roddenberry was a genius.  We have to hope.  And we are finding out, are we not, even as the months unfold, that he had astuteness beyond his own vision.  Who are we to say, that what in fact I've played on some small level, is not absolutely possible.  If it is not already there… been realized in our lifetime.  So I'm, I'm very excited… It's wonderful to be alive at this time, isn't it?  It's really an extraordinary time.  But I want to talk (to you) and therefore I'm going to start to take some questions, if I may do that, because the time goes by so quickly and then I have to sign some autographs… And hello to you lovely ladies in the front row.  These two have been just great.

May I take your question?

Q:  Hi.  Natalie.

KM:  Hi, Natalie.

Q:  And from Jinny and a fan named Jenny and myself I'd like to say that we think that Captain Janeway has more balls than all the guys put together.

KM:  Wait a minute!  Wait a minute! I want a man in the house to do that math!  More balls than all the guys put together!  That makes – by my calculations – about 164 balls!

Q:  Yup… there you go!

KM:  Thank you!

Q:  I also want to ask – in the finale, I think I read somewhere that you thought that Janeway should have ended up alone and not with a man – with any kind of a personal life. I wonder why you thought that, if that's true?

KM:  Did I say that?

Q:  I think you did in one of the interviews.

KM:  Was I fatigued that day?

Q: You said you thought Janeway should be alone!

KM: Clearly I had not had a kiss in some time!

Q:  Well maybe she was traumatized by Michael Sullivan – I don't know.

KM:  Yes… yes…No, I know what I was saying. I was saying that I thought after her tenure in the Delta Quadrant, it would be almost impossible for her to re-acclimate herself to a normal life style.

Q:  Sure she could.

KM: You think she did?

Q: Of course she could.

KM: She probably did! I think she landed, had a drink and went right to it!  Yes, yes darling?

Q:  Hi, my name is Dana.  I live here in Vegas.

KM:  You live here in Vegas?

Q:  Yes I do.

KM:  What's it like to live in Las Vegas?

Q:  A little surreal.

KM:  Very hot?

Audience: Very hot.

Q:  Don't listen to them…

KM:  That's it?

Q:  I love the heat.

KM:  You love it here?

Q:  I really do.

KM:  Do you gamble?

Q: No.  I like to keep my money.  I'll let the visitors gamble.

KM:  I see.  She's lying! What's your question darling?

Q: I love Voyager, I've seen just about all the episodes, but since it's been over the only thing we have left are the books. I was wondering if you've had a chance to read any of them – in particular Jeri Taylor's "Pathways" which gave the entire background of your character and what you thought…

KM: I haven't read all of those books.  There's a reason for that.  Can you glean what that reason would be? What's been written for you?  That's fine.  One understands on the stage the excellence of the character – it's already there.  It's written.  The back history is extremely private.  That belongs to me.  Jeri Taylor had her back history and Kate Mulgrew had her own.

Q: You had your own background.

KM:  Had to.  And it's a secret to this day.  Boy is it juicy!  Yes?  Yes? Thank you honey!

(Here the feed crashed and there are a few minutes missing)

KM:  Who's been to Greece in this group? So spectacular, isn't it?  Beautiful place.

Q:  (difficult to make out)… you talked to her before and she suffered three severe heart attacks, and what gave her life is writing poems about you. And now she's considered a poet in Greece.  And this is her first poem – her first poem that she wrote in the hospital for you.

KM: Oh how lovely.  She had it engraved on silver.  It's absolutely beautiful.  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  I can't believe you've come this long way.  Would you give her, not only my warmest regards, but my deepest thanks.  Tell her I will really cherish this.  How lovely.  Thank you so much.  What is your name?

Q: Spiros.

KM:  Spiros.  Now there's a little history, isn't there?  In Greece. Do you agree?  It's a very male society, is it not.  Not to be confused with the chauvinism of Latin countries.  Male right?  You're good to Nicki, aren't you?  Spiros! Be good to Nicki.  She's lovely.  Greek men… yes.  They love women.   All kinds of women.  Yes?

Q:  Hi!  That lady is from Greece.  I am from very near by… shall I let you guess? A small island … in the shape of a fish…

KM:  Yes?

Q:  Underneath Italy… Sicily…

KM:  I'm not understanding you as clearly as I need to be because I just got off a plane and my ears are still nutty…

Q:  I'm also from very far away … from very near Greece – underneath Sicily…

KM:  Yes, yes?

Q:  Guess.

KM:  You're telling me where you're from?

Q:  Can you guess?

KM:  Yes and I understand that.

Q:  Guess!

KM: Oh… you want me to guess where you're from!  What's the name?

Q: Josette.

KM:  Is that your name? Your real name is Josette?  That's pretty easy, Josette.  If we're on the money with the name.  You don't look it but I … Josette is French.

Q:  Yes, but I’m not French.

KM:  So you would be either Persian, Israeli?  Italian?

Q:  No.

KM:  Klingon!  What are you?

Q:  It's the shape of a fish!

KM: Oh.  It's in the shape of a fish.   Sardinia.

Q:  No. Malta. Malta!

KM:  Malta.  Gorgeous.  I've never been to Malta.  Has anybody here been to Malta?  Not often visited.

Q:  There's a gentleman up there.

KM:  Well thank you for coming from Malta.  Great.  Do you have a question besides…

Q:  I just graduated and I'm sort of based in theory so I want to know if you work with Stanislavsky's emotional memory or physical action.  Which do you…

KM:  You want to know if I work off the Stanislavsky method.  Is that your question?  Or how I work?

Q:  There are many phases.  We work on the physical action, then emotional memory will come.

KM:  I would say I abide by no real rule.  I was trained in the Stanislavsky method, but I think once you put a wig on me, and a corset – it's a lot easier for me.  I'm happier to go, I think, from the outside in.  But as I get older, it's changing.  Hepburn had to come from the inside out.  Can you imagine?  That was a daunting thing.  Katharine Hepburn. I thought – there's no way I'm ever going to get…(in Hepburn's voice) And then one day… (applause)… just showed up!  Thank you sweetheart.  And thank you for coming this long way.  You're lovely.

Yes ma'am?

Q: Hi.  This next question is from Vir-Con, the official 3D virtual convention that's happening on the web right now.  Just wave hello – there's thousands of people watching you from all over the world.

KM:  (Waves)  Helloooo!

Q:  This question comes from ViaAstris1.  This is their email address, so ViaAstris1.  Hi Miss Mulgrew, there are thirty of us watching here in the Philippines right now.  Have you been offered a role on the Enterprise?

KM: On Enterprise?  Oh, I'm way too old for Enterprise.  No I have not been offered a role on Enterprise, because it wouldn't make any sense, would it?  They are my predecessors, are they not? Are they not?  I met Scott Bakula a couple of weekends ago.  I was invited to the ninetieth anniversary of Paramount Studios. Ninety Stars for Ninety Years.  Annie Leibowitz took the photograph of ninety of us for the cover of Vanity Fair, and I met Scott Bakula. He was very shy, sort of standing back, which has not been my approach!  And I said "I'm Kate Mulgrew, what a pleasure to meet you".  Very charming, isn't he?  Very handsome.  Yah!  So why haven't you offered me a job, Scott?!  Do you have another question?

Q:  I have another question. You may have answered this in part earlier, but this is from Admiral Lal.  Will your Katharine Hepburn one-woman show be broadcast on cable TV or will they make a DVD of it?  If not, why?

KM:  This is what I mean about the Star Trek fans – you see! They're always gonna… I suspect they will tape it.  I suspect PBS will do something with it. But the first move has to be the move to Broadway.  I'm in tryouts right now.  Believe me - it's daunting. On Tuesday I start a whole new rehearsal process.  Those are your questions, those are my answers – good enough?  Thank you!

Isn't it fantastic?  People are watching from all over the world.  What is this life?  Extraordinary.  Yes, madam?

Q: Good morning Kate.  This is my first Star Trek convention, and I've been a Star Trek fan for years and I said 'I need to do this' and I'm a very big Voyager fan…

KM:  Thank you.

Q:  And I just wanted to thank you for your portrayal of strength, compassion and integrity in Captain Janeway, it's a great role model.

KM:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.

Q:  I mean I watch Voyager every night.

KM:  Did you really? Did you really?

Q:  I mean I come from New York and you're on every night at midnight and I have to watch Voyager, it's part of the whole routine.  A couple of questions.

KM:  Yes?

Q: First question how much does the Star Trek phenomenon mean to you, and really, what does it mean to you?  And the second question is, did you ever want to get together with Chakotay?

KM: Oh, my!  What an unusual question!  Every woman!  That's all she wants to know! Why didn't you do it with Chakotay?  Why didn't you go to red alert for a loooong time?!

The Star Trek phenomenon means one thing to me.  It's phenomenal for this reason:  It gave me the best, the finest… role I have ever played in my life.

Q:  Well, you did a wonderful job.

KM: Thank you.  And a character that I will never forget.  And what happened to me, which doesn't happen very often – I think you'll probably (be) surprised to hear this – actors are people – we fall in love just like everybody else – I wasn't sure I would, with Janeway.  And then I did.  And so I truly get quite – see there I go – I get quite emotional that I will not be able to stride on that bridge.  It really becomes a way of life.  I loved her. I loved her.  I loved it that I never had to be less than – than – myself for seven years.  I think I was the only woman in prime time television who played a woman who was constantly thinking of someone other than herself.  And that – you can't say that very often.

Q:  Well, we love you.

KM:  Thank you. Very nice question.  Thank you.  Thank you for coming. Yes?

Q:  Hi Captain Janeway.  You've been a favorite of mine ever since they named someone Kathryn, because that happens to be my name.

KM:  Oh good!

Q:  So my first question is how did they name you Kathryn?

KM:  Well originally it was Elizabeth Janeway.  Does anybody know that?  That was her original name – Elizabeth.  Then there was a licensing problem because there is an Elizabeth Janeway.  And she is a writer.  So you can't do that.  And they immediately – which has happened to me four times in my career – went to my name.  Only they miss spelled it!

Q:  So they spelled it with a "C"?  How'd they spell it?

KM: No, they spelled it with a "Y". I'm a classic Katherine, with a 't.h.e.r.i.n.e.'  With a K.a.t.h.e.r.i.n.e!  Yes.

Q:  Mine's C.a.t.h.e.r.i.n.e. And also the gentleman over here asked me to ask you how did you like playing a politician on "Cheers"?

KM:  Oh I very much enjoyed playing that. You know who got me that job?  Kelsey Grammar, who's a great friend of mine.  We were doing a Shakespearean play together downtown.  "Measure for Measure".  I played a nun, believe it or not. And he played a lunatic – that's not too tough! And he was doing "Cheers". And they were looking for actually, a replacement for the Shelley Long character I believe.  So they brought me in on that pretext and I loved playing Janet Eldridge politician.  Yah.  Cute guy, Ted Danson. Pretty cute! Yes?

Q:  Hi. I don't know if you remember me.

KM: Hold that up sweetheart (referring to the mike).

Q:  I don't know if you remember me but I was at the Pasadena convention.  I was wearing the shirt (… prime root) – you, like, pointed it out.

KM:  Did I point it out?

Q:  Yeah.

KM:  And also your good looks? What else did I point out?  How old are you, honey?

Q:  Fourteen.

KM: What?

Q: Fourteen.

KM: Fourteen!

Q:  Yeah.

KM: What has happened? I mean it!  I mean I've got two monsters myself.  18 and 19 – boys.  But… get up here! No, no, no!  Not fourteen!  Come up here, honey.  He could be running a small country! He's huge!  What's your question?

Q: I want to know – how did you meet your husband?

KM:  At fourteen… you see… so sophisticated. I met him in Ireland.  It's actually a… a pretty sad story… do you think you can take it?!

Q: (Nods)

KM: Have you yourself ever been in love?

Q:  No.

KM:  Have you ever kissed a girl?

Q: Once.

KM:  Aren't they amazing!  He dares… he dares to look me in the eye… and say "yah, uh, once… I think!"

I met my husband in Ireland about nine years ago.  My mother set it up.  My mother was my husband's friend for ten years before I met him.  Because my mother's best friend is Jean Kennedy Smith, who was then the Ambassador to Ireland.  My husband is a great friend of the Kennedy family, so is my mother, they got to know each other… Tim was going to be with the Ambassador in Dublin and I was in Ireland at the same time with my two young sons on holiday and my mother said …(to the Questioner)… are you uncomfortable, darling?

Q: No! (He hugs her)

KM:  One kiss!! You lied to me!!  You stay there and I'll finish this story!  My mother said… (to Q)  Is that?  Look at the mother!  That's the son, get a load of the mother!  Come up here!  He looks forty-two and she looks twelve!  Look at this!  Good mother, good mother! Good son.  Very nice to meet you.  What's your name?  Thank you. (to Q) What is your name?

Q:  Chad.

KM:  Chad.  Anyway, to finish this story, she says "Just meet him for a drink, and you won't go for him – he's not your type."  I said, "Great, but I really… I don't want to do this, I want to take some time with my kids, I don't need this."  One drink.  Walk into the hotel.  The Tralee Hotel – the lobby. "Kate."  "Tim?"  Any Sicilians in the crowd?  Who's heard of 'the thunderbolt'? Instant. In France it's the 'coup de foudre'.  It was instant.  I knew that that was it, and so did he.  So did you, if you're watching!  And that was it.

You have something for me?  You're a wonderful … and a lovely mother. Yes?

Q:  Yah, I wanted to give you this present.  Okay, I want to give you this – it's a redesign of your web site.  I wanted to give it to you just because I want to thank you for giving me that script, it really made my day.

KM:  Oh, Chad, thank you, he did this for me.  Now, will you give me a kiss?

(Chad gives Kate a very big kiss to much laughter and applause! Ed.)

KM:  I love boys!  But then something happens to them!! Ha!

Yes?  Yes?

Q:  Yah, Kate, my name is Charles and personally, I believe you are the greatest captain in the history of Star Trek.

KM:  Oh, thank you.  How great.

Q:  Even though I grew up watching Kirk and Picard and all the other great captains, I think you're the greatest because you did it alone and everybody else always had help along the way.

KM:  Is that right? Yes, go on.  Thank you.

Q:  Anyway this is a statement more than a question.  I do believe that you and Chakotay were intimate because on the planet, when you two were trapped together…

KM: Yeah?!

Q: You were there for over six months – no holodecks…

KM:  You calculated that?

Q:  No, no, from Tuvok – what he said – how far away they were from the planet and all that stuff…

KM:  Uh huh.  Uh huh!

Q:  During the show it was about a six month span from when they left to when they got back.  There's no way you guys…

KM:  This is un – believable! So you feel that it was…

Q:  I believe you guys didn't say anything…

KM:  I just want to give you a little clue… I just … you know I don't want to rock a boat, or anything but I did play Captain Janeway, and I do know what she did … with Chakotay!  And although he is now convinced we had a torrid affair because this has been calculated by everybody with a scintilla of testosterone in this room – I can assure you – aside from the occasional – cup of tea – we did not!  We did not.

Q: Thank you very much.

KM:  But thank you.  And thank you for your very kind words.  They're especially meaningful coming from a man.  Thank you.


Q:  Hi.

KM:  You look great!

Q:  Thank you.  Hi, I'm Chris Dixon and first of all, I want to say I think you're the queen of Star Trek.

KM:  Thank you.   Thank you.

Q:  Second. What was it like in the last episode where you had to play two characters of Captain Janeway? One Captain, one Admiral.

KM: The Admiral, the Captain.  But you know I've done this before.  I did it in Deadlock and I did it another time, didn't I?  Ahhhh… they kept me hopping, didn’t they?  It was fabulous.

If I may say this, which is a delicate thing to say, because I love Captain Janeway.  But I slipped into that Admiral… I don't know what happened to me.  They put that uniform on me and I just….!  She was wonderful to play.  Tech – technically, extremely taxing.  You know - blue screen, split screen – very tough.  But challenging and knowing that we were counting the days it was full of emotion and I certainly gave it everything I had in that last – in that last season.

Q:  My next…

KM:  Yes?

Q:  I'll wait till they're finished.

KM:  I can't hear you.  Okay.

Q:  My next question is are you going to be in the Nemesis movie?

KM:  I'm in it!

Q:  Are you…

KM:  Don't blink, but I'm in it!

Q: Are you Captain or Admiral?

KM: What do you think?

Q:  Admiral!

KM:  I am giving Jean Luc Picard his instructions in no uncertain terms!  That was really fun.  I shot the thing in two hours, maximum.  Patrick Stewart was so sweet. Came down – they all came – Rick Berman, Jonathan Frakes was there, Patrick Stewart.  Just, just great. Great.  Now I look forward to this.  I think it comes out in November, doesn't it?
 (Audience shouts the date)  They know!   Yes?  Do you have another question, sweetheart?

Q:  No, but I would like to shake your hand.

KM:  You may shake my hand, of course.

Yes, yes ma'am?

Q:  Three things.   First, I think you're the finest captain, and I would go anywhere on your ship at any time.

KM:  I love this group of people, yes!

Q:  Secondly, wondering if you're bringing your play to the San Francisco Bay area.  We would love to see you…

KM:  You know I was going to be in San Francisco doing a play this year at ACT, which I love.  Love Carey Perloff, love that theater.  They want to take "Tea…"  The name of my play is "Tea at Five".  It's a play in two acts.   In the first act Katharine Hepburn is thirty-one and has just been labeled 'box office poison', waiting for the phone to ring, sure she's going to be playing Scarlett O'Hara.  In Act II she's seventy-six, immediately following that very serious accident, in which in fact Hepburn almost lost her right foot.  She's more reflective. But the Broadway producers, I think, would like to take it on tour before they take it into the city – or after.  So I'm sure San Francisco would be a hub.

Q:  We would love it.

KM:  It would be my honor.  The best city in the world – the City by the Bay – huh?!  Great.

Q:  And thirdly, now that Voyager is over, I wonder if as a actor you watch the reruns at all in terms of look(ing) at your character – how you presented it at all or if the director had a cut that you wished had been included?  I mean do you watch that at all.

KM:  Well you know – have you ever been involved in a political campaign?

Q:  No.

KM:  Church basements. A lot of county fairs. We're constantly on the road and have been for months.  So there's been no time.  And I go right back into rehearsal, Tuesday.  Literally no time.  Not to mention the fact that for three years I had a bi-coastal marriage with my husband.  Now that we're in the same house – well – you figure it out!  Thank you very much.

Yes sir?

Q:  Hi Kate.

KM:  Hi!

Q:  I just wanted you to know I think you have absolutely the sexiest voice of any woman ever.

KM:  Thank you.

Q:  And I actually just have a…

KM:  You know that's kind of a… what do you call that kind of a compliment?  Left handed?  Back handed? It's wonderful, but you sort of wish they'd say the sexiest…uh…body!  Right? And I'm always leaning forward…. The sexiest…and they always say… voice! But I thank you because…

Q:  I think the voice just goes along with the rest of you, though.

KM: Thank you, thank you.  That's very nice.  Thanks.

Q:  Anyway, instead of a question, I had a request.  Could you say in that sexy voice "David Dunbar, report to my ready room".

KM:  David Dunbar, report to my ready room!!!

Thank you. Yes?  Why does it go so fast?  Oh. There's no time.  Don't you think they do a wonderful job at Creation Organization?  That's Adam and Tina, and I have to say not only is it impeccably organized, but they themselves have always been so gracious to me. You should know that.  Really, it's wonderfully, wonderfully done.  Thank you. Yes?

Q: … role of playing the part of Captain Janeway.  How did you learn?  On the phone or was it in person?  And what was your five second reaction?

KM: Well it's a good question because it's absolutely etched in my memory, is it not?  I went into network… I'm sure you all know that Genvieve Bujold was offered this part and accepted this part originally.  And she played it for one day.  And then she understood, and I thought she was very courageous – went to the producers and (in a French accent) "This is not for me, I cannot do this.  I didn't understand exactly what the work was like, I don't understand the character and I have a son, and… adieu."  Right?  Then they really scrambled.  Because the big thing was they were going to go with a female.  They hired a female – she left.  They were panicked.  I think they called in men.  But they called in five of us whom they'd seen some weeks before.  Whom I have to gather they liked.  And we went to network.  Which means thirty people behind a table in a room.  Watching you.  And then watching the next actress.  And then watching the next.  And one after the other you knock… you knock one another out.  It's a prize fight.  Essentially that's what it is.  However we were all left standing at the end of this very grueling day, and nobody had a clue.  We were dismissed, we were excused, shook hands, went out, walked to the parking lot together, all five of us.  And I remember thinking this is very strange.  Three of them said that they violently wanted this role.  When I violently want a role, it's not unlike violently wanting…(Kate laughs) I guess you're all sort of catching on to the fact that I'm in love!  I hide it - I don't hide it – I keep it very close to my vest. It's too important.  It's too real. So I just shook their hands, got in my car, went home.  The next day was Yom Kippur, which as you know is a high Jewish holiday and in Los Angeles everything stops.  For two days, nothing.  At the end of the second day I thought I must go to the market and feed my children, or we'll all die!  So I went to market.  I came back, I drive in the driveway.  Now in all my life I have never seen my sons standing on the front porch with my housekeeper of twelve years, right?  Beautiful Mexican woman.  Standing there – like this – with their arms in the air! I said "What the hell is going on here?  Are you… have you all frozen?"  (In a Mexican accent) "Senora" she says, Lucy – the boys are standing still – obviously she told them not to say a word. "Senora, you come in the house now!  You play the messages – one by one on the telephone."  I said, "You know very well that I do not play the messages back. I don't like the message machine.  I hate the telephone.  What are you doing?"  "I beg you, senora, you going to play…"  I went in.  The kids are following.  I mean they are shockingly quiet, for these two little Irish monsters, right?  They're following me into the kitchen.  Message number one, message number two, three, four.  "Miss Mulgrew.  This is Rick Berman, executive producer of Star Trek: Voyager.  Just wanted to say 'welcome aboard Captain, see you Monday."

I said "We are Roman Catholics, on your knees!"  We got down, I said, "Make the sign of the cross – Lucy can you reach for the champagne?  Get it."  We poured the champagne and that was it!  That's the story of that.  Yes!

Can I have one more question?  Yes darling.

Q:  First I'd like to say that I've seen practically every episode except for like two and a half because my satellite got knocked out.  And you are the best captain out of all of them.  And…

KM:  This is a serious thing from a young man.  Do you understand that?  Do you understand what he's saying?  He has been enculturated not to say this.  His role models are male.  You are saying something very important in this room right now.  Please - Please say it again!  Go on.

Q:  I was just wondering… there's a party at The Experience for the, I think, the people with the gold passes to the convention.  Are you going to be there?

KM:  When is that honey?

Q:  Tonight.

KM: Tonight?  I didn't know anything about that. But I'll find out about it, won't I? Adam didn't tell me anything about that.  No!  I'm never invited to parties!

Q: I think it'd be great if you came!  It would be awesome.

KM:  I'll try to be there, all right?  What's your name, honey?

Q:  Richard.

KM:  Richard. Thank you. And how old are you?  You're going to have a great life, you know that?  Because you've got guts.  Good luck honey.

That it?  All right.  I'm being told I have to wrap it up.

Once again, my suspicions are confirmed and reaffirmed.  You are the most wonderful fans.  You are the smartest, the most, I think, thoughtful, deeply feeling viewers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me on every level. And let's continue on and make the next year an absolutely splendid one. Come to Cleveland August 24th for my Extravaganza!  Move to Cleveland and vote for Hagan for Governor!  Thank you.  Thank you!