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February 23, 2000
Interview with Kate Mulgrew & Tim Hagan 
Setting: Kate & Tim's house in California
Interview Screen Captures

Tim White (News Anchor)  - Gonna mix Hollywood and Ohio. She is the captain of a starship. He's the captain of Cleveland politics, and their romance is making headlines from Hollywood to right here in the north coast.

Romona Robinson (News Anchor) - Tonight channel 3 news reporter Dick Russ takes us inside the celebrity couple’s Los Angeles home for a visit with Tim and Kate.

Dick Russ - Well, don't they just look like the homebodies, all cozied up on the couch out there in their house in LA, in love and to most people, out of character.

Janeway clip - My name is Captain Kathryn Janeway…

Dick Russ – Yup, that was Kate Mulgrew, the fearless & fair Captain Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager.

News clip of Tim Hagan – The public has to make a decision about why --.

Dick Russ - And yes, that was Tim Hagan, the long-time public official and political pundit of Cleveland.

Tim Hagan – I’m……I’m so madly in love …

Janeway Clip  - You sound awfully certain about that.

Kate Mulgrew - Only Ireland would tolerate this kind of a romance, right?

Dick Russ - The Emerald Isle is exactly where THIS started, seven years ago, while each was on vacation. Mulgrew’s mother knew Hagan and suggested he meet her daughter in a pub.

Kate Mulgrew – Well, you can imagine how surprised we were, Dick. The last thing on earth I expected was to be attracted to this. Another lunatic sent to me by my mother, right? Another Guinness, another pub.

Dick Russ - They may have fallen in love before the second beer but didn't see each other for the next five years. After all, Mulgrew had a terribly hectic schedule in Hollywood and Hagan was in the middle of one of his four terms as Cuyahoga County commissioner, plus each had two kids from first marriages.

Tim Hagan – So her mother called me and said, “You ought to give Kate a call”, it’s five years later.

Dick Russ - The romance instantly renewed and Hagan and Mulgrew married last April. The marriage of Tim Hagan and Kate Mulgrew has meant a lifestyle change for both of them but especially for Tim Hagan. While Kate Mulgrew still lives here in Los Angeles year round because of her work on Voyager, Hagan has to bounce back and forth four or five or more times a month.

Tim Hagan - I'd like to have a more normal existence when Kate comes to Cleveland and have time to take a walk in the woods and go to a movie without worrying about being somewhere else.

Kate Mulgrew - It's getting a little wearing at this point… but we understood this going in, so… we have in our sights another couple of years. We can do that. We’ll punch through somehow and then I will leave Hollywood, I’ll sell this house, go to Cleveland.

Dick Russ - When the Dynamic Duo does come to Cleveland, they plan to build a house and settle into a more domestic lifestyle, at least to start.

Kate Mulgrew - You will see me in the kitchen of my house, cooking endless meals for my ever hungry, voracious and demanding husband.

Dick Russ – And if Tim Hagan eventually reconsiders his current retirement from politics it will be with the blessing of his wife, the Captain.

Kate Mulgrew - I think in three years I will be more than ready to partner him and support him in every conceivable way. So he can't complain that he hasn't got his spaghetti and meatballs and he hasn’t got his little robe and little teddy bear. He'll have it all on the campaign trail.

Dick Russ - But until then the 10,000-mile a month commuter marriage will go on.  A challenging balance of career and children and being a couple.

Tim Hagan - This is my second home. I belong where she belongs and eventually we will belong in Cleveland.

Janeway clip - Take us into orbit.

Romona Robinson   - It will be at least a year, probably more, until Tim and Kate settle in Cleveland.

Tim White – Star Trek: Voyager has one more year to run and Ms. Mulgrew is under contract for that final season.

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