Tim Hagan & Kate Mulgrew
MAY 26, 1999
Many THANKS to the Totally Kate contributor for this tape!

"Star Trek Voyager" fans watched the show’s season finale earlier tonight on UPN. Now Pat Collins gives us the inside scoop  on why next season will be better than ever.

Pat Collins: There will be no more original episodes of Deep Space Nine, which means "Voyager" will be the lone  show in the Star Trek universe. When I recently met with "Voyager’s"' popular captain, Kate Mulgrew,  I asked what impact "Deep Space Nine's” absence would have on her show?

Kate: It can only enhance us, in terms of the market and the viewership. I think although there have been some strictly loyal people to DS9, I think by virtue of the fact that it's a Star Trek production, they will come to us out of curiosity and probably soon find themselves very interested in it.

Pat Collins: In tonight's episode, "Voyager" encountered another federation ship but the plan to join forces and find a way home backfired.

Kate: A group of people are lost for five years. Two things happen. Indeed, there is a darkness. There is the constant dilemma, will this be forever? If so, how do we survive? How do you struggle against that kind of loneliness? On the opposite side, it's counter pointed by a kind of absurdity, a laughter that MUST take place, a levity that must exist amongst these people in order to survive.

Pat Collins: Wherever "Voyager" goes, Kate will be there. She agreed to a seventh season after implying she might quit the series a few months ago.

Kate: I've learned the hard way that the only thing... that makes this show very successful is the ongoing sense of allegiance and camaraderie.... and so I would never do anything to alienate or to hurt any of them, notwithstanding my own petulance now and again.

Pat Collins: "Star Wars" is drawing record crowds but Kate dismisses the idea that its success has any effect on Star Trek.

Kate: I think it's a very exclusive audience, the "Star Wars" audience and does not cross over to Star Trek. As far as science fiction is concerned, I think you're certainly going to find more people who are actually authentically interested in science, interested in Star Trek than "Star Wars".

Pat Collins: Before tonight's season finale, Kate embarked on a personal adventure. Kate was married two weeks ago to Tim Hagan, a  prominent Ohio politician.

Kate: The marriage changes everything because it’s changed my heart. To find this kind of love... at this age, I just turned 44, ....it's such a great gift.

Pat Collins: Kate and her husband will have a commuter marriage until her deal with "Voyager’s" producers  comes to an end in two years. This is Pat Collins reporting for UPN 9 news.