Kate was the keynote speaker at the 2010 Alzheimerís Association Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter Education Conference and Celebration of Excellence Award Luncheon

"Hope. Your best life in the midst of Alzheimer's."


Renaissance Hotel
6808 S. 107th Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74133
Wed. Jun. 09, 2010 
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Olivia with Kate 
My partner and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend the 2010 Alzheimer's Educational Conference & Celebration of Excellence Award Luncheon in Tulsa, Oklahoma this year where Kate was the keynote speaker.

Itís such an intimate thing, to share any part of losing a loved one to a disease like Alzheimerís, and Kate was passionate as she spoke. She told us of the woman who became her motherís caretaker, and gave us a glimpse of the deep, unconditional love and exceptional care she gave. She spoke of the sacrifices of this woman to care for her mother, and she ended by thanking and giving recognition to those who have given over themselves in service to caring for those who are living with Alzheimerís. At times, she was poignant, and her sincerity and humor were touching. Everything sounded with a tinge of bitter sweetness. However, how could it have been anything but? It was a wonderful speech, and many of us there could relate.

When the luncheon ended, Kate remained. She was very sociable. She spoke with those of us brave enough to venture up to the head table, and she was graciously agreeable to having her picture taken with a few of us. When my partner asked her if she would be willing to take a photo with me, she exclaimed, ďOf course!Ē One moment Iím standing a few feet away talking to another attendee, and the next moment Kate Mulgrew has her arm around my shoulder. To be honest, if I didnít have the picture, Iím not sure I would have believed it happened!

Itís a magnificent thing to have such an outspoken, strong, confident woman running as a spokesperson for the cause. Weíre very fortunate to have Kate on our team. I encourage everyone to learn about this cause and, if you should ever have the chance, go see Kate speak on it. 

Olivia Moreno

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