19th Annual New York City Chapter Alzheimer's Memory Walk 2007
Sunday, October 21st, 2007
Riverside Park

Sunday, October 21st, 2007 was a beautiful day in New York City. Clear and sunny, with temperatures in the 70's it was a perfect day for a walk in Riverside Park. Eleven Kate fans plus Kate, husband Tim, sister Jenny, brother-in-law Scott, nieces Isabel and Michaela, and Jenny's in-laws formed the Totally Kate Website Walkers team and walked in the 19th Annual New York City Chapter Alzheimer's Memory Walk 2007. Most of the team members were from New York although Massachusetts, Maryland and England were also represented. The team members were: Theresa Baker, Isabel Beck, Jenny Beck, Michaela Beck, Scott Beck, Connie Bell, Debbie Byrne, Elaine DeBerardine, Tim Hagan, Ann Kiely, Carol LaPlante, Jessica Levine, Melissa Lindo, Kate Mulgrew, Kathi Nolan, Dawn Perlner and Julie Tizard. Elizabeth Turner also joined us as an individual walker.  

Between 9am and 10am the team members gathered at the entrance to Riverside Park at 83rd St. and Riverside Dr. Since most of the team members only knew each other from on-line contact, with the help of cellphones and photos we managed a miracle and were able to all find each other. Everyone checked in at registration and donned their MOVE purple Alzheimer's Memory Walk tee-shirts.

Right before 10am Kate and Tim joined us. Tim was wearing the Dubuque Memory Walk tee-shirt given to him by Kate fans who participated in that walk on Saturday, Sept. 22nd. Kate was sporting the purple, zip-up OPEN hoodie that she wears in the Alzheimer's Association Awareness Campaign photo.

Kate and Tim met up with Kate's sister and family for the opening ceremonies and then we all started the walk at 11am. Everyone had a wonderful time chatting and walking. When we arrived at the spot to turn around for the mile walk we all decided to go for the 3 mile walk, even though it took a bit of coaxing to convince Tim to attempt the longer walk. In fact he ducked out a bit early despite much ribbing from Kate. It seems a late-night baseball game had something to do with that!

When we arrived at the turn-around point for the 3 mile walk we took a group photo and Kate and her family left us. Before she left Kate thanked the entire group for walking, and expressed her deep gratitude to everyone who donated to the Alzheimer's Memory Walk.

As of Monday, Oct. 22nd, the Totally Kate Website Walkers have raised $3,600 and donations are still coming in! If you would like to donate please check our team page.

On behalf of Kate Mulgrew, her family, Totally Kate and all the walkers, I'd like to thank everyone for their donations. You were all wonderful in supporting us. We all had a lovely time and raised a very nice sum for the Alzheimer's Association. I hope we can do it again next year!

Connie Bell

Totally Kate Webmaster
Totally Kate Website Walkers Team Captain

Totally Kate Website Walkers Team

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