TV Guide
April 2-8, 2007
By Damian Holbrook
Heaven's Kate

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Call it the pluck of the Irish. Ever since her TV breakthrough as sassy lassie Mary Ryan on Ryan's Hope in 1975, we've adored Kate Mulgrew. Even faced with the daunting task of carrying 1979's ill-advised Mrs. Columbo, Mulgrew's take-charge charm was enough to earn her a Golden Globe nod and help viewers forget that she was way too young to be the never-before-seen wife of Peter Falk's fictional PI. But it was her 1995-2001 tour of duty on Star Trek: Voyager that really rocked our world. As Captain Kathryn Janeway, Mulgrew - who replaced Genevieve Bujold on Day 2 of filming - boldly went where no woman had gone before to become the Trek franchise's first female lead. Fittingly, she's now earning raves for off-Broadway's "Our Leading Lady" as Laura Keene, the Ford's Theatre actress on stage the night Abraham Lincoln was shot. That's in addition to her standout work on The Black Donnellys (NBC, 10/9c) where her turn as the ferociously protective matriarch of a violent Irish brood harkens back to her Ryan's days. Only there's a lot more blood to go with her elegant gutsiness.