Totally Kate Yahoo group member, Chris Limbach, attended the closing performance of 'Equus' on Sunday afternoon, February 8, 2009 at the Broadhurst Theatre. She's given permission for me to post her report on the Totally Kate website. 
Many thanks to Chris for a wonderful report!
Report by Chris Limbach

Waiting outside for the doors to open, you knew it was going to be a great night. Especially with the people walking around looking to buy tickets to the show. 

Where to begin. The atmosphere with the fans was electric. The first time I saw this play no one clapped until the end of Act I. This time, the minute Daniel stepped out everyone started to clap. Again when Richard stepped on stage we all clapped. Once again for when Kate stepped out. Everyone around me said that Kate got the longest and loudest ovation. This is true. She started her lines while we were still clapping.

This is a play with deep psychological roots to it, with some humor mixed in. Yet this night, the actors and actresses were almost giddy. You could see it in their faces that this was a special night. I found there was a bit more humor mingled in. It was how certain lines were delivered or facial expressions. It was as if they all wanted to just let loose and enjoy the atmosphere. A lot more laughter from the audience this time, but where it was needed. The drama was always there as an undertone during the laughter. They all were truly 'on' yesterday.

At the end of Act I the applause was thundering. And we all scrambled to get a refreshment and get back to our seats in time for Act II. I didn't think it could be done, but they all kicked it up a notch for this act. They all walked out of that theater with nothing because they left it all on the stage for us fans.

We all jumped out of our seats and clapped like a bunch of wild people during the curtain call. Kate got flowers from some fans who had run up to the stage right after the end of the play. If I had known you could do this, I would've done the same thing. :-)

They were all given a bouquet from the theater. It looked like hay bundled and wrapped in clear cellophane to make it look like flowers. and around it was a red ribbon and a rose attached. (that's my interpretation) Daniel had us all sit down and he thanked everyone on stage and the fans and the theater company. Richard was next. He quoted Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken'. Then Peter Shaffer was brought out. That was a nice surprise. Everyone was hugging and crying on stage. You could tell after spending every day with each other for six months that they had become a close knit family.

We all walked out on a cloud and exhausted, to find the sidewalk mobbed. I thought it was for 'Phantom' which is playing next door. No. It was hundreds of fans lined up and down the street and across waiting for them to come out. I did not stay for that. I would have never gotten close. So my friend and I left. As we were walking pass the mob I saw a group of people with Voyager shirts on.... soooo I yelled out 'ENGAGE'. They all yelled back 'REPORT'. 

It was truly a memorable and magical night. Better than Disney! :-)

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